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    Here are 204 backdrops I did for Desktop users like me

    I added three screenshots with a view of backdrops behind tables

    America's Most Haunted, Batman Forever, Bugs Bunny's Birthday Ball

    My desktop settings are the following:

    Inclination -> 45

    Field of View = between 40 and 45 (45 in most cases)

    Layback and XY = 0

    X Scale = 1

    Y Scale =  1

    Z Scale = 1

    X Offset = 0

    Then you just have to adjust Y Offset and Z Offset

    Here is the list:

    24 Stern, ACDC BIB, Agents 777, Airborne Capcom, Alien Poker, Alien Star, Als Garage Band Goes On A World Tour, Amazing Spiderman, America's Most Haunted,

    Apollo 13, Arena, Atlantis Bally, Attack from Mars, Austin Powers, Avatar, Avengers, Back to the Future, Bad Cats, Bally Game Show, Barb-Wire, Barracora, Basketball IDSA

    Batman DE, Batman Forever, Batman TDK, Baywatch, Big Bang Bar, Big Buck Hunter, Big House, Black Belt, Black Hole, Black Knight 2000, Black Knight,Black Pyramid, Black Rose

    Blackout, Bram Stoker's Dracula, Breakshot, Buck Rogers, Bugs Bunny's Birthday Ball, Cactus Canyon, Cactus Jack's, Centaur, Checkpoint, Class of 1812, Congo

    Corvette, Cosmic Gunfight, Creature from the black lagoon, CSI, Cueball Wizard, Cybernaut, Cyclone, Deadly Weapon, Defender, Demolition Man, Devil's Dare, Diablo, Diamond Lady

    Diner, Dirty Harry, Doctor Who, Dr Dude, Dungeons & Dragons, Earthshaker, El Dorado City of Gold, Elvira and the Party Monsters, Elvis, Escape From The Lost World, Family Guy

    Fathom, Fire, Fish Tales, Flash Gordon, Flipper Football, Freddy A Nightmare on Elm Street, Funhouse, GalaxyPlay, Genesis, Getaway Highspeed II, Ghostbusters, Gladiators

    Godzilla, Goldeneye, Guardians Of The Galaxy, Guilligan's Island, Guns 'N' Roses, Harlem Globetrotters, Harley Davidson BALLY, Harley Davidson STERN 3rd, Harley Davidson STERN

    Harley Quinn, Haunted House, Heavy Metal Meltdown, Hook, Indepedence Day, Indiana Jones Stern, Indiana Jones Williams,Indianapolis 500, Iron Maiden Stern, Iron Man, Jack-Bot

    James Bond 007, Jaws, Johnny Mnemonic, Jolly Park, Joust Williams, Judge Dredd, Junk Yard, Jurassic Park The Lost World, Jurassic Park, King Kong, Kingpin (Capcom)

    KISS - Scooby-Doo, KISS Bally, KISS Stern, Krull, Last Action Hero, Lethal Weapon 3, Lost in Space, Mac Galaxy, Medieval Madness, Metal Slug, Metallica Stern, Monster Bash

    Mousin Around, Nascar, Nautilus, NBA Fastbreak, No Fear Dangerous Sports, No Good Gofers, Operation Thunder, Panthera, Party Animal, Pharaoh, Pinball Magic, PinBot

    Pirates of the Caribbean, Playboy (Bally), Pool Sharks, Red And Ted Roadshow, Revenge From Mars, Ripley's Believe it or Not, Robocop, Rock, Rollercoaster Tycoon, Rollergames

    Scarface, Sharkey's Shootout, Shrek, South Park, Spy Hunter, Star Race, Star Trek The Next Generation, Star Wars Trilogy, Stargate, Starship Troopers, Strange Science

    Street Fighter II, Surf N Safari, Tag Team, Tales from the Crypt, Taxi, Teed Off, Terminator 2, The Addams Family, The Champion Pub, The Flintstones, The Incredible Hulk

    The Lord of the Rings, The Party Zone, The Phantom Of The Opera, The Shadow, The Simpsons Pinball Party, The Simpsons, The Sopranos, The Twilight Zone, The Walking Dead

    Theatre of Magic, Three Angels, Tom & Jerry, Tales Of The Arabian Nights, Torpedo Alley, Tron Bikers, Tron Boys, Tron Girls, Truck Stop, Twister, V1, Viking,Viper, Waterworld

    Wheel Of Fortune, Whirlwind, WhiteWater, Who Dunnit, Wolf Man Standard, Wolf Man Winter Edition, World Poker Tour, WWF Royal Rumble, X Files, Xenon, X-Men

    Thanks to backglass images and wheels authors

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    Good stuff, @batch. Thanks.

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    Thanks a lot! Sometimes I create my own backdrops, too :-) :-)


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