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    Is there a posting of the different DMD software packages out there?  I’m trying to get my head around when to use one vs another, can they all even exist together?  Do you only use certain ones for certain pieces of hardware (a real DMD, a LCD panel acting like a DMD, etc)..

    I see things like FreezyDMD, UltraDMD, FlexDMD…and there are probably others I’m not thinking of…

    Is there an thread discussing what each is, when and why to use each, etc?



    Tables based on real pinball machines that use roms will use the vpinmame dmd. Freezy provides a dll that can be used as an alternative to vpinmame. It will give you a better looking dmd and the ability to use color dmd. You can have both and select one or the other by pressing F1 when a table is running. You can also select one to be used by default in vpinmame setup.

    With some tables using a certain b2s you will get a built in dmd with graphics if you are setup correctly.

    Ultradmd is used on original tables that aren’t rom based to provide a dmd if the author chose to do so. Flexdmd is better optimized and is a replacement for ultradmd.

    Pupdmd is a newer one used on some tables running pinup system.

    If you need more info on any best is to read up on them separately.

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    Thanks for the reply!


    does any of this change based on the type of DMD you use in a cabinet?  From what I can tell you can use a real pinball dmd and then there are lcd screens being used as a DMD…


    thanks again


    Not at all. Freezys , flex dmd can be used on either.
    Lcd screens are cheap, easy to use, don’t give as bright and vibrant of a color but can display better videos on them than real dmd.  A real dmd or Pin2dmd has nice vibrant bright colors, can be easy to use once setup, but look like a dmd so no picture quality movies on your dmd screen.  Lcd screen, free-$15 used, real dmd $200 to $300 prob.

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    There’s an added benefit to using an LCD for the DMD area besides cost and lack of difficulty… just get it full 16:9 ratio, and some of those PuP tables can actually use the whole screen like a modern PostDMD pinball table has. And you can run DMD/Topper combos on DMD tables as well.

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    I made this page to show different layouts terms…

    As far as what goes with what and which software is needed.  The instructions with table releases usually will give you all the stuffs needed to use with the different hardware.

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    @Nailbuster the page you provided was very helpful to see the different layouts and options, especially when it comes to Pup Packs.

    the only thing beyond that, which would be helpful is calling out the other DMD software options and when/why you use them.  I think this thread helped me understand that they can all be used.

    i think I gravitate towards the 3 screen LCD layout you’ve shown. Thanks again!

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