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    What is DOF Config Tool? What is it used for? What the f**k is all this stuff on there?

    This is my simple video tour of DOF Config Tool. I figured I would explain what most of it’s features are, and how they work before I release my new DOF Config Creator Sheet. I’ll have another video for that which explains more in that regard.

    It’s a lot of info…but then again DOF involves a lot of shit! Don’t like watching videos to learn? Then start reading the DOF R3 wiki from the beginning. :)

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    DOF, MX Leds, and creating table configs. The “basics” and introduction to my “DOF Config Creator Sheet”.

    In this video I go through all the “basics” of DOF. How the commands work, how the triggering works, and how it relates to VP, FP, FX3. I explain how addressable leds (MX) work and how they are different than standard DOF toys. I also give you a first tour of my DOF Config Creator Sheet that will make creating table configs for DOF and MX Leds MUCH easier.

    I will soon have a tutorial and will show you how to add MX Leds and effects (the easy way using my sheet) to a table in the next video.

    Video Bookmarks:

    Intro: 0:01
    DOF Basics: 2:18
    DOF (Table script) Trigger Commands 5:51
    DOF Trigger Types: 12:30
    DOF Commands: 16:50
    Addressable Leds (MX): 21:40
    DOF Config Creator Sheet Tour: 34:00
    Stranger Things: SE (VPX original table example): 42:17
    Transformers (VPX rom based example): 43:50
    Star Wars DSA (FP DOFLinx example): 44:42

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    Very nice as always  👍🏻

    Messing with the VPinball app and push notifications.
    So if you haven't downloaded app yet what are you waiting for!?


    DOF Config Creator: A Video Tour

    This video gives you a full tour and describes everything you’ll be able to use with my “DOF Config Creator” Sheet. This tool makes adding addressable leds and DOF configs to DOF Config Tool much easier!

    Be sure to watch the Table Template “Basics” tutorial, and the VP (rom based) Table tutorial (for MX Leds) as well! (coming soon).


    DOF Config Creator: Basic Table Template Tutorial.

    This Video will show you “how” to use the “DOF Config Creator” Sheet’s “Table Template”. It shows the ease and basics of adding / removing / editing the DOF or MX effects already made available for you (or make your own). Then I show how to easily add your new DOF commands to DOF Config Tool. It’s important to watch the ENTIRE video, as there are some specific steps required to make this work correctly!

    Basic Video tutorial is here:

    I will do one more tutorial video that will show me using the sheet to add MX Leds to a VPX rom based table… the easy way.

    After that video is done, I will create a central Post where I will detail all the info summarized on the videos, and I will make the sheet available there. Soon!

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    Thanks Terry, very useful stuff!


    - wonky builder of the steampunk-y Nikola Tesla cabinet.


    DOF Config Creator: Add MX Leds to VP Table, Tutorial! (updating Star Wars – Data East)

    In the video l show you how to easily add addressable led (MX) effects and animations to a (rom based) VPX table. I update the MX Leds for Star Wars (Data East). I’ll show you how easy it is by using my Template and pre-programmed MX led effects! I also show what sources I use to determine what Triggers are required. Once you learn how to create your own custom MX led effects and DOF…the possibilities are endless!

    Video Bookmarks:

    Video Comparison of Default RGB 5 Flasher Emulation vs Custom Animated MX Led Effects: 0:00
    Sources to use to find the Triggers you’ll need: 2:55
    Start with the VP Table Template: 4:25
    Remove ALL unwanted Actions / Rows: 6:35
    Find and add what triggers we need: 13:15
    Add new MX effects: 23:40
    Change the colours: 25:30
    Edit an existing Effect: 26:39
    Clearing unwanted DOF Config Tool commands: 31:10
    Keeping handy DOF Config Tool commands for reference: 32:30
    How to use positional MX Flashers on the Left and Right MX: 34:56
    Use the Service Menu to find and TEST solenoids, flashers, and switches: 37:12
    Copy and Paste (Formula Only) the Green Cells when you are DONE! YOU MUST DO THIS! 43:19
    Completed Sheet. Explanation of how the last of the triggers were found and how they are used: 47:15
    How MX Flashers are sized and positioned: 52:05
    Copy and Paste to DOF Config Tool: 1:00:49
    Make any fixes, changes: 1:02:43
    Final Play testing demo and thoughts: 1:03:54



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