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    Since my Future Pinball Mega Guide was getting so….MEGA… I decided to move this DOFLinx portion to a separate post.



    Created By DDH69

    Guide By TerryRed

    DOFLinx is very feature rich and has support for:

    • Future Pinball
    • Pinball FX3
    • DOF (supports most but not all DOF hardware controllers)
    • Pinup Player (does not support more advanced features like PUPDMD and PUP SSF Ball Rolling)

    It is a program that runs in the background (sleeps) and waits to detect that Future Pinball has been run. Once FP is detected DOFLinx has two modes of operation for DOF support for Future Pinball. FP LINK and “Key to Output”


    • once FP is detected, DOFLinx will wake up and listen for a specific FP LINK message
    • if the table is DOFLinx modded, after it starts, it will send a FP LINK message to DOFLinx
    • once the link is established, then any DOFLinx commands sent by the table will be translated by DOFLinx to trigger DOF commands
    • when the table exits and FP closes completely, the link is disconnected, and DOFLinx goes back to sleep
    • DOFLinx can trigger DOF directly for normal DOF but not MX Leds, or it can support all DOF toys through DOF Config files and DOF Config Tool
    • there are a good number of older FP tables that have DOFLinx support

    Key to Output

    • this is DOFLinx’s native function that can work with any program
    • this mode uses a key (or gamepad button) to control a DOF device output
    • once FP is detected, DOFLinx will wake up and try to create a FP LINK with the table
    • if the FP table does not have DOFLinx support, then DOFLinx falls back to Key to Output mode
    • DOFLinx uses the configuration it has in DOFLinx.ini for the Key to Output functions and more
    • so for any FP table, you can have basic flipper only solenoid feedback and basic lighting
    • when the table exits and FP closes completely, DOFLinx goes back to sleep

    DOFLinx should always be left alone to run in the background.

    If you are using a PinEvent table, then DOFLinx needs to be paused or closed.

    (so you don’t have both PinEvent and DOFLinx triggereig DOF at the same time, More information can be found in the PinEvent Install Instructions)


    DOFLinx Install:

    • install DOFLinx in the DirectOutput folder. This will allow DOFLinx to see DOFLinx.ini automatically
    • copy the DOFLinx.vbs file to the “Future Pinball \ Scripts” folder
    • copy one of the example DOFLinx.ini files to the same folder as DOFLinx. Configure the DOFLinx.ini for your cabinet’s setup! (consult the DOFLinx guide for more info)
    • unblock ALL *.exe and *.DLL files within the DirectOutput folder or wherever you installed DOFLinx
    • DOFLinx.exe should not normally need to be to “Run as Administrator”, but it it doesn’t work… then try doing that (only if absolutely needed)
    • have DOFLinx always running in the background with the startup of Windows
    • I HIGHLY recommend that you do this as it’s how DOFLinx was designed to run, and it will save you a lot of headaches. You have been warned!


    DOFLinx forum:

    Future Pinball DOFLinx Tables:



    Virtual Pinball “Software” Essentials – DOFLinx

    This video has A LOT of content, but I cover the entire spectrum to give you all the basics so you understand almost everything about DOFLinx and how it works.

    You will have DOFLinx ready to be used with Future Pinball, Pinball FX3, PuP-SSF and PuP-Packs the right way… the FIRST time!


    Dramatic Intro – 0:00
    Title – 1:25
    DOFLinx Backstory – 2:39
    Software Requirements for DOFLinx – 15:26
    Install DOFLinx – 17:02
    DOFLinx.vbs for Future Pinball – 17:56
    directoutputconfig.ini for DOF – 18:38
    GlobalConfig_b2SServer.xml for DOF – 19:33

    DOFLinx.ini SETUP for:  22:10
    – Desktop users (only use PuP-Packs)
    – Cabinet users with no DOF hardware, no SSF (only use PuP-Packs)
    – Cabinet users with MX Leds or SSF, but NO other DOF hardware  (also use PuP-Packs)

    DOFLinx.ini SETUP for:   35:04
    – Cabinet users with standard DOF hardware such as solenoids, shaker, fan, gear, chimes, bells, beacon, strobes, led buttons, flashers, etc (can also include MX Leds, SSF, and PuP-Packs)

    DOF Config Tool for MX Led table config updates – 1:01:29
    How to use DOFLinx – 1:02:44
    Future Pinball DOFLinx demo – 1:07:43
    Pinball FX3 DOFLinx Demo – 1:11:59
    Other Emulators and Games with DOFLinx – 1:20:01
    SUP (Supplementary) *.ini files – 1:20:43
    DOFLinx Forums – 1:23:30



    Pinup System Install Guide Wiki:

    VPX All in One Installer:

    • install the VPX all in one installer. (10.5 or higher) This will Install the B2S server and all needed files
    • yes it installs Visual Pinball X too, but you don’t have to use it (but there are amazing tables for it too)

    DOF R3++




    DOFLinx.ini  :

    (This is updated as of version 6.0)

    Sections of interest (in the DOFLinx.ini file) for Future Pinball tables modded to work with full cabinet support.  (Consult the DOFLinx guide to configure your entire DOFLinx.ini file! Not just these sections)


    – add this “FP_LINK_WAIT_TIME=80000” if it’s not there. This is the max time DOFLinx tries to establish a link (FP Link) with your FP DOFLinx modded table, before it defaults to its “key to output” type function. You change the time to a higher value if your computer takes longer to load some tables.


    -this is needed if you want DOFLinx to attempt to establish the FP Link with FP DOFLinx modded tables

    Cabinet Toys:

    The following is your cabinet toys setup. Anything with a  #   in front of it will be ignored. Make sure you put a   #   in front of any device you don’t have in your cabinet. (I don’t have a shaker or gear motor)

    Consult the DOFLinx guide for more info on how to configure this section.

    These entries deal with FX2 and FX3 as well as B2S Server. Adjust folder locations to your specific installation.

    PATH_B2S_SERVER=c:\Visual Pinball\Tables\

    These entries are needed as well, and deal with DOF as well as addressable leds.


    These are the solenoids for flippers, bumpers, etc. Make sure they are configured for your particular setup, device, ports, etc.


    This is the blower fan, shaker, and gear motor. (Note, I don’t have a gear motor)


    Strobes and Beacon


    Start, Launch, Fire button (you can add coin, exit, etc)


    RGB Flashers. These are configured with the Red port of each RGB flasher.


    This section deals with RGB_OUTPUT devices. As far as Future Pinball DOFLinx modded tables are concerned, this is the RGB under cabinet lighting. Note: if you have any RGB_OUTPUT device configured the same as a RGB flasher, then the RGB flasher will be used when a FP DOFLinx modded table is launched!


    -RGB_STYLE, RGB_TRIGGER, RGB_MIN_TIME all effect the RGB_OUTPUT….but for FP DOFLinx modded tables this will only have any effect if the table modder chose to use these features.


    This doesn’t cover the other sections of the DOFLinx.ini,  or all the other numerous features that DOFLinx has…. but it should help to answer A LOT of the questions I get.




    USAGE OF DOFLinx and Tables:

    • DOFLinx should always be running in the background
    • when you launch Future Pinball, it “wakes” DOFLinx which will try to establish a Link with the FP table
    • If the table has DOFLinx support added… after the table has completely loaded and starts, the FP Link will be established
    • It can take up to 20 seconds to establish a link on some tables. So don’t start the table until you know the link is good and you have DOF feedback and lighting
    • After you exit the table and FP is completely closed, then DOFLinx closes the link and goes back to sleep.


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