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    Eclipse is basically a single level version of Gottlieb's 1981 Black Hole.  the targets that were on the lower level are moved up to the middle of the playfield, and the entrance to the hole is now a ball lock for multiball.  to get to multiball you first need to clear the 4 stand-up targets on the right side, then it lights the lower left hole for lock.  after you lock a ball you then need to clear the 4 stand-up targets to the right of the upper left flipper, which then lights the upper hole entrance through the spinner for lock.  once a ball is locked there as soon as the next ball launch hits a playfield switch it releases the other 2 balls for 3 ball multi-ball.  easy right.. not so much.  before someone gets there and asks (like anybody reads this) if you drain after locking the first ball it will kick the locked ball out before giving you the next ball and you will need to re-lock it, however it will be lit to lock it, don't have to do everything over.

    playfield and plastic images are from pinsider IamNaN without whom this would not have been made.  playfield image cleaned up by my buddy hauntfreaks (this has been in works awhile)

    included db2s made by hauntfreaks with some modifications by me, don't remember where the image came from

    bord did the awesome lighting/shadows and plastics, made swapable rubber primitives (see option in script to change from black rails/rubber to stock), fixed my primitives, and made the flipper primitives and probably other stuff I'm forgetting.  thanks man.

    table is setup in my usual portrait oriented cab settings, so you may need to rotate and adjust view settings if you are doing it wrong. ;)

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    Nice one! Not sure I’ve ever played it before👍🏻

    Messing with the VPinball app and push notifications.
    So if you haven't downloaded app yet what are you waiting for!?

     Ben Logan2 

    Another beauty, BorgDog. Thanks!  :yahoo:


    I surely read all the release info so this excites me. Sounds really fun. Thank you very much BorgDog Hauntfreaks and pinside user lamNaN. I have a feeling this is going to be a new Alien Star for me. A game I just need to play, again and again.


    Thanks Man :good:
    Huh Hauntfreaks is back in Action ? :bye:


    You’re not kidding. That is a tough game.

    Turned out great. Thanks!


    thanks BorDog & Hauntfreaks  :bye:


    Congratulations, the final result of this table is excellent. Some time ago I asked for resources to a pinball museum for this table and after a while I read that you were doing it, I really like thank you for sharing your work….


    Man, i wish i have some time to play this one the next couple of weeks! Too busy! :cry:

    But from the picture it looks perfect! Thanks to all involved!


    this is alot of fun and looks gorgeous on my cabinet. Here are the settings I’m using for full screen on my vpin cabinet. Thanks man!


    inc =5

    fov =25

    layback =74

    xyrot =270

    x scale =0.95

    y scale =0.95

    z scale =0.98

    z =1

    x =-270

    z =-950

     The Loafer 

    Hey LTA!

    I’m pretty sure Z scale should never be adjusted, messes with the physics


    @toxie, @fuzzel:  Why is this field even adjustable when everyone states “don’t mess with it”.  Shouldn’t a default of “1.0” or whatever the author uses be locked down?


    Thanks didn’t know that!


    could you post a pov for cabinet?  thanks!


    Thanks! Love the style :).



    here is my FS optimized POV ( rot. 270 )


    Thanks for another great one!

    I am looking for T2 cabinet decals, please send pm for offers.

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