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    Greeting from Kentucky.  I have been working on my build for the passed few months and it is now at the point I want to post about it.  I have always enjoyed pinball and the idea of building a cabinet has been something I’ve wanted to do for some time.  Probably the most important asset I have is a wife that is not only supportive of this project but legitimately interested in how it is going and actually encouraging me not to compromise.  “Baby, build it like you want” has been her repeated statement.  Initially I was simply looking to build a cabinet with 2 monitors and an analog plunger, but as I researched I decided I also wanted to add feedback devices and addressable LED strips.  I’ve termed my cabinet the “Everly MK1” (Pronounced Mark One)


    • i5 4400
    • Gigabyte Z97 Sniper Motherboard with 16 GB RAM
    • ASUS GTX 1070
    • 40″ Playfield with 28″ Backglass and PinDMDv3 display
    • 650w supply for MB, 750w supply for toys/LEDs
    • Windows 10 O/S

    I have gotten so much help from the forums and from many members in direct communication with me so I also wanted to specifically mention those that helped along the journey.

    First was WRD1972.  Turns out he lives right here in the same town I do.  As I was just starting his experience in the virtual pinball scene saved me a ton of back tracking and mistakes.  He encouraged me to go with a real DMD and to use tempered glass over my playfield instead of plexiglass.  He also set me up with a ton of tables and roms to get started.  The biggest piece of advice he provided was to use Pinscape as my interface.  I can’t thank you enough for that Bill!

    After I obtained a decent computer system and borrowed our living room TV for testing purposes I followed the tutorials by MajorFrenchy.  Those saved me a ton of time in set up and configuration.  Using his guides I was able to get VPX installed and operational in very little time.  I have gone back and reviewed some of those steps when I decided to wipe the system and upgrade from Windows 7 to 10 before I got too far along.  I got a cabinet code from Zen Studios and was easily able to bring the Zen tables I have played on the Wii U for years into the system.

    I figured it would be best for me to get the tables up and running just using the keyboard and having the screens connected and on my workbench.  After I had them like I wanted it would just be a matter of relocating the operation into a cabinet.


    My next step was to start on my USB encoder.  Because of WRD1972’s input I reached out to MJR.  I can’t say enough about the level of support and interest Mike provided.  I was able to get the KZ interface board and a Power Output board from him.  I really enjoyed putting them together, it had been awhile since I had done this much electronic work and I had forgotten how much I like doing it.  I got some LED push buttons and with Mike’s help got everything operational.  Thank you so much MJR for the Pinscape design, it really is stellar!

    I initially was intending to go with Pinball X as my front end, but I fell in love with Nailbuster’s Pinup System, this was in no small part due to the videos posted by TerryRed.  Following the guide I had the Pinup System up and running.  Interestingly at point I remember thinking how easily this project had gone.  Except for losing one of my USB ports in an event I still can’t explain, things pretty much worked right on the first or second attempt….that was about to end.

    The first major problem I ran into was when it came to the addressable LED strips.  I fought with them for a few days.  In time I learned you had to solder pins 15 and 16 together on my teensy board to bring them to life.  After that the big issue I hit was my PinDMD would no longer work once I had the Teensy board running my LED strips connected.  After a lot of head scratching I realized I had a dll file that needed updated.  Once I got that taken care of I could get LEDs and the DMD working at the same time.

    I used 144/meter strips with one running up each side of my playfield and then took 3 strips, cut them in half and made a 72×6 back matrix.  I was getting lights on the back matrix but they weren’t displaying discernable shapes.  Outhere worked with me through forum posts and helped me to adjust my cabinet file to the correct configuration.  So now I had working LED’s integrated with DOF all working on my bench.  It was now time to move things into the cabinet.

    I went with ¾ plywood and decided I would hinge the bottom of the cabinet so I could swing it down to gain access to the system and the solenoids/contactors underneath the playfield.  I decased the motherboard and laid out my other components and fans.  I used furring strips as mounting supports for the TV and my solenoids.  I used the 10 solenoid configuration in DOF but went with contactors for my flippers as we often hold those and I didn’t want my solenoids burning out soon.  I went with chrome legs and am having a friend that is a graphics artist design a decal wrap for the front, sides, and my backbox.




    I have about 100 tables loaded into the MK1, mostly VPX and FX3.  I am so happy with how it plays and love showing it off to friends when they come over.  Seems like everyone enjoys pinball and they all comment on how realistic it feels.  I still love how my analog plunger directly controls the image of the plunger on a VPX table.  Using the CE360 program it works with FX3 tables as well, although not quite as seamlessly.

    My step father used to play Bingo Style pinball tables and I have been able to load several of those from BingoGameRoom into my cabinet.  Nailbuster was kind enough to help me with some issues I had launching these tables and cleanly returning to the Pinup Menu.  Thank you for your help and the great front end David.  I used TerryRed’s Doflinx Effects to add some lighting effects to those bingo style tables to make them a little fancier.  I’m looking forward to making some PUP Packs for my favorite tables eventually as well as really customizing my front end with some videos and music.



    Thanks again to everyone for making the community so much fun to be a part of and my wife Valora for all of her support on this project.


    Love build project threads!  Thanks for sharing.  Looks like you have some cab artwork to tend to.  Since you’re a Tesla fan…have you seen Gwen’s amazing build?


    Great post man, I really enjoyed this read. Makes a big difference having a supportive wife on side, well done  :good:



    Looks cool, have you finished off the art work?

    For me I got as far as you did in the photos above & just spent hours playing it, never got around to finishing off the art..

    Miss mine, need to make another one :-)

    Steve B


    Looking good!

    I agree with the Mrs – build it how you want! My cab is pretty unconventional but it’s awesome  :good:    Have fun!!


    Great work!!!

    I couldn’t agree more with making it your own.


    Just an update on the MK1.  I made a flash video that I’m using on my back glass when I’m in the Front End.  My friend’s design for the decals were great and I got them printed and applied last weekend.



    Sweet looking machine you got there B-)

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