I present to you, the world’s first PinUp Player table mod, Tron Legacy VPX (PUP Edition). This is not using a PinUp B2S, and was a complete mod of the table script. I created all the videos myself (1920×1080 for Backglass, and 1920×822 for Topper), inspired by SLAMT1LT’s FP version. Skip to 3:20 to get right to the demo and skip by rambling. Note: The backglass video in the upper right may seem to stutter…that’s because OBS wouldn’t record it nicely, whereas my cabinet shows that the videos all play perfectly all the time!

Since this is a rom based table. I have no access or control over any of the game code or actions. I literally made A LOT of new code specifically for PUP that works based on only triggers / switches from the game, and the playfield lights and neon ramp colour logic. It’s a miracle I was able to pull this off, as this works with most MB modes, as well as the jackpots,etc all having unique videos with titles,etc.  Because of this, I also wasn’t able to do anything for Sea of Simulation, End of Line MB,  or portal, as they all use White for neon ramp colours, and I have no way to differentiate them.

Enjoy….so cool!