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    F-14 Tomcat Pup-Pack. Best suited for 3 screen setups with a topper. Read the installation if you only have 2 screens. You can easily switch between configs.

    This is another non-dot matrix pack. I use dummy trigger files to prevent unwanted movie clips triggering.

    This pack complements the excellent vpx table of F-14 Tomcat created by ganjafarmer. Big thanks to him for his contribution to this awesome community. I would also like to thank 32assassin and Hauntfreaks as I used their wheelart :).

    The source of the videos come from Topgun (duh) and several HD/SD videos of actual Strike Fighter footage.

    I also like to thank Maverick, Goose and Iceman for their inspiration to make this pack ;).

    Enjoy :)!

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    We really need someone doing play video of these pup pack things.

    Messing with the VPinball app and push notifications.
    So if you haven't downloaded app yet what are you waiting for!?


    We really need someone doing play video of these pup pack things.

    your wish is my command :)


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    This is a great PuPPack.  No focus issue for me, which is often a huge issue on my cab!!!

    I don’t have a topper, just a BG and a LCD DMD.  So I use the two screen version.  But it looks a bit odd to use teh 2 screen version with the little space of teh virtual DMD if there is nothing there, since my DMD has that info on it.  Can that virtual DMD space on the backglass be used for the topper video or removed altogether?


    If you have a separate DMD screen you can disable the dmd overlay. Open the pup-pack and delete the D0 trigger (last one of the triggers). This will hide the overlay.

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    Love this Pup-Pack. Great job.


    I have tried to disable the Williams overlay but could not figure it out. Would you mind helping me?

    Thank you! :good:


    Sure – read two messages up. It’s not like we can come over and do it manually. Or, well – I could if you pay the plane ticket :whistle:

    Or, maybe you mean something else ?


    Not sure why but I have no sound/music?

    Only the mechanical noises.

    Other pup packs have sound working but not this one.

    Any ideas anyone?


    Worked it out.

    Had to change the VpinMame “resampling” option to 1 instead of 0.

    Works a treat.

    Thanks very much for the Pup pack  :good:

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