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    F-14 Tomcat – Ultimate Pro – PinEvent (FullDMD Preview)

    This is the first look at my PinEvent mod for F14 Tomcat Ultimate Pro for Future Pinball.

    This is a preview of what the game’s PuP FullDMD main HUD and Score display will look like (in Ultimate Pro mode) as well as the crazy amount of explosive videos that were timed to match the table’s events, voice overs, and sound effects (the videos themselves have no sound at all).

    This doesn’t show the optional Afterburner Music and Arcade mode that you can change in-game on the fly. Very Cool (that will be another video).

    Combine this with the crazy DOF and MX Leds and SSF I’ve added… and this is one explosive game!




    F-14 Tomcat (Ultimate Pro) – PinEvent (Future Pinball)

    “PuP-Pack Options”

    My PinEvent mod and PuP-Pack is almost done. I have 7 ready to go PuP-Pack options for every setup out there!

    Now when you run the BAT file to choose your PuP-Pack option, you will get an image copied over to show you what your pup-pack option should look like. You also will get a window popping up showing you that the files have been copied, and what settings are needed for that specific PuP-Pack option.

    Options are:

    Option 0 – DMD, Backglass
    Option 1 – Real DMD, Backglass
    Option 2 – Full DMD, Backglass
    Option 3 – Full DMD on Backglass
    Option 4 – Backbox AIO – Square – Speaker Panel, Full DMD, Backglass
    Option 5 – Backbox AIO – 4×3 and 5×4 – Speaker Panel, Full DMD, Backglass
    Option 6 – PUP Stream – Desktop – FullDMD, Backglass

    Coming soon!


    Real DMD


    Full DMD on BG

    BackBox AIO - Square

    BackBox AIO - 4x3 and 5x4

    PuP Stream - Desktop



    A quick gameplay preview.


    F-14 Tomcat (Ultimate Pro) – PinEvent: Afterburner / Arcade Mode!

    (OK… one last video before I get around to releasing this)

    Just when you thought it couldn’t get any cooler… now it’s almost like 3 games in one!

    You can switch at any time between Ultimate Pro music, Original music, Afterburner music (all using my PuP-Pack videos and PuP FullDMD)…

    …but you can also switch to Arcade mode! This uses Afterburner music and Arcade game videos combined with the rest of the Ultimate Pro sounds. If you are like me and grew up loving the Afterburner Arcade cockpit game… you will totally geek out on this.

    Combined with my new DOF, explosive MX Leds, SSF, PuP Stream… this makes for an awesome pinball game! I have options for everyone’s setup.

    This will be released very soon!


    That looks awesome Terry! I cant wait to try it out. Your pinevent tables are the only reason I have fp setup on my cab. Thank you for all the time you put into them. I highly recommend giving giving them a try to anyone that hasn’t. They are good fun.

    Hi my name is Barry and I'm a virtual pinball addict.


    New 4K Playfield scan and RGB Lighting update!

    Thanks the @ganjafarmer, he let me use his VPX redraw of the playfield (without the shadows since they wouldn’t look right with BAM’s real lighting and shadowmaps) to give the table a MUCH needed 4K update! It was pretty damn close for lining up with FP’s table elements…just a little bit of adjusting, then repositioning all the light inserts! Looks so much better in 4K!

    I also wanted to update the the lighting on the table before releasing it. The nice thing about FP-BAM tables is you are free to do whatever you want when not using a rom. So I wanted to add RGB lighting to the table. The problem is that when you use a playfield image with a single colour on the inserts (in this case lots of red and blue), that won’t work well when changing the colours.

    So the solution is to either use separate non coloured images for the inserts on the FP Image lights….or add them directly to the playfield image… then use separate decals for the black text / letters / numbers.

    The new lighting is looking amazing guys!

    I also added some extremely cool room sized “real” beacon lighting that rotates and affects everything in the game room. This is something only BAM can do, and I’ve wanted to do it for a long while. I’m happy to report it works really nicely…and I can’t wait to show you how it looks… and I really can’t wait to add this to Alien Legacy.


    F-14 playfield


    F-14 Tomcat (Ultimate Pro) – PinEvent: Awesome new Beacon and RGB Lighting Update.

    After a bit of a break (for rearranging my house and visiting family)…

    Here is a demo of the new Beacon and RGB Lighting I added to my PinEvent mod for F-14 Tomcat Ultimate Pro. This looks really slick with animated RGB effects combined with the realistic beacon lighting (using a BAM mini playfield)!

    I first show the original table’s lighting, then I show the updated table so you can see the big difference between them (as well as the PinEvent PuP and PuPDMD mod).

    I also added a new 4K playfield image (thanks to @ganjafarmer) and added new playfield insert gems to the image to allow for the RGB Lighting to work. Then I added decals on top of each insert in the FP Editor.

    Lots of work for both the PinEvent mod and the new table updates…but the result looks great I think!



    Ok…. one last video (for real this time) before I release this. Just some gameplay from a cabinet view.


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