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    This is a modification of the 32Assassin table, conversion to the FSS (Full Single Screen) format by me.

    All the modification was done through Nick's guidelines (Arconovum). Thank you very much for the guide videos.

    Well, I hope you like it, you can improve it, but it's a great start to have fun in this table format.

    The backbox was the best I could do, I couldn't find images in better definition to get a better result.

    Obs: I believe that the lighting of the BG is very close to the original, which is also not the highlight of the table.

    Thanks to everyone involved in creating Visual Pinball and creating the tables, without you the fun would not be the same.

    *From now on in File Author, I will also place the author of the original table in addition to mine, I would do that in the text, but I will also include this point.

    *My native language is portuguese, so if the English got bad, I'm sorry.

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    Again great work Morttis. I love these tables with an odd backbox. And you did a super job re-creating it in FSS.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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