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    hello. can i ask you for Hurricane in VR ROOM for vpx?

    How the heck did you conclude to ask for a VPVR table in a Future Pinball guide?

    Start looking here:


    I added this to the Mega guide.



    Add New BAM Dynamic Physics to a Future Pinball Table


    A Super Easy Guide!


    This question comes up a lot, so I figured it was time to make a simple post to show how to add newer BAM dynamic physics to a Future Pinball table that hasn’t been updated to use BAM features.


    BAM now allows for pretty much all aspects of FP’s physics to be opened up and dynamically changed on the fly in table script!


    Benefits to adding newer BAM dynamic physics to a Future Pinball table:

    • this can help dramatically improve how well many tables will play… in particular the flippers, and the weight / feel of the ball
    • flipper accuracy is much more improved and can be adjusted in the table script
    • older BAM xml physics files are no longer required, or used (they will be ignored)
    • all the new physics settings are included in the table script!
    • no need for any different version of the FuturePinball.exe to change physics (only use the original FuturePinball.exe !!!)


    What this guide WONT do:

    • make FP tables play the same as VPX tables
    • this guide won’t achieve the same level of physics on a FP table along the lines of nFozzy or rothbauerw VPX tables
    • this will make FP tables play much better… but not perfect or totally realistic for everyone’s preferences


    Guide is posted here:


    Thanks for the guide. I was only able to get the bam launcher to work by Running as admin, until I found out that if I took ownership of the Future Pinball directory (which applied it to all files/folders inside) then worked great! This is on Windows 10 x64 pro.

    I used the take ownership menu hacks at the bottom of this page: which is a reg entry and has a removal reg entry as well. Maybe you can put this in your guide for those who need it.

Viewing 3 posts - 161 through 163 (of 163 total)
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