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    The title says it all…


    Read more about it in Nailbuster’s posts here:

    or here:


    What this opens up is the possibility to do more than what we can do with, for example DOFLinx. (DOFLinx still has it’s own benefits)

    It would allow for DOF and Pinup Player to directly be usable in the same way as VPX. So this means full direct PUP support (think Scotty Wics tables like Stranger Things SE, TLK, etc) which allows for Text / Scoring support. That would allow for VERY cool possibilities for a DMD replacement (not in the FP window itself, but in a separate window like Future DMD).

    It also “may” allow for a more direct SSF implementation (similar to VPX) without needing PuP-Packs.

    You could probably even use UltraDMD.

    Of course…many may want VPinMAME to be used. Even if this is opened up… I don’t see a flood of tables using it, as most FP tables already had the groundwork of their own code done. That said, it would be VERY cool to see for example SAM system implemented, or colourized DMDs, and of course external DLL / freezy / pupdmdcontrol support for rom based tables.

    I can see someone like smoke or fransisco666 benefitting a lot from vpinmame capability!

    That said, authors like SLAMT1LT would still rather use his own code instead of the rom (and I would prefer that too, as I like what he does).

    The biggest benefit by far would be the modern use of PuP’s features directly.

    I think maybe 11 years is more than enough time to consider this an ok thing to do at this point. If the same thing could be done without modding the EXE , but using another method…is that considered a more acceptable option?



    Just to be clear…the intent of this was to allow for full PuP features, DOF, SSF support directly in FP. Vpinmame just happens to also work in a basic test as shown in the video (I don’t think Nailbuster cared about that, really).

    I honestly don’t see VPinMAME getting too much traction from FP authors…but you never know.

    I care about SSF and PuP….and I would like DOF too, but DOFinx covers most of that nicely either way.

    If another method could be used (not modding the exe) to do the same thing… I’m all for that.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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