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    Update 2: added wheels for Vol.2 -4 according to request.


    Update: In my opinion the FX3 Launch Audios are a Little bit boring… Therefore, I´ve created four alternative versions for each table. (

    Have fun!


    Update: I´ve just added the Audio files as a ZIP-Archive. Seems that MP3 isn´t supported. You will find all Audio files in the Archive.


    Again: just to have a starting point:

    - I´ve created wheels by taking available ones and just adding the PBFX3 logo

    - I´ve recorded the launch-Audio from PBFX

    - I´ve recorded the table-Audio from PBFX (attract mode)

    - I´ve recorded the playfield from within Pinup System (Special FX mode)

    - I´ve recorded the Backglasses from VPX to loop every minute

    Feel free to use, adjust or whatever… have fun!




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    Thanks for this!


    Thaaaank you :rose:

    VPin: Williams Time Warp Cabinet (1979), 4K playfield: 40" Iiyama X4071UHSU, backglass: 28" BenQ, Pin2DMD, Pincontrol 1, LEDWiz, leaf switches / buttons, nudging, tilt, plunger, 8 contactors / knocker, PC: Intel Q6600@3Ghz, 8 GB Ram, Zotac GTX 1070 Mini, Win7 Prof.
    Real Pin: Eight Ball Deluxe LE (1982)

    Thanks for sharing. I was looking for the mp3 files, but don’t see them in the download. Will they be included in an update?


    the audio files arent in the download package


    I´ve addded them now via a ZIP-archive. I haven´t seen previously that MP3-fiels aren´t supported.

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    Thaaaaaank you :heart:   :good:


    Thank you!



    Hi Jannek42 please wheels for Pinball FX3  Volume 2 and Volume 3? thanks


    Just added wheels for Vol. 2-4 as requested.

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Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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