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    This table was a DIY-Supplement to a french magazine.

    Key 1 starts the game, and after five balls are played there can be up to 3 Extra Balls bought with the 2 Key.  Three numbers in line horizontally or vertically win 4 points as does the magic hole and 12 or 15.

    Just a small update. See Changelog.

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    I have meanwhile extensively test played this, so here is a How to Play:

    First of all, don’t download it, play 2 or 3 games and think “to simple”  and put it away.  I was surprised how complex a simple table like this can get.  I first played several times until the points reached 0 (you have to restart then.  I’ll remove the little bug that the points start counting up when you hit 1 after reaching 0, in an update some time), using many extra balls, but the problem with them is that for every one you use, you could play a whole game with 5 balls, so you get down to 0 very fast.

    Then after 5 balls were played I looked how many 2-combination there were, and only played extra balls to hit the 3rd.  That went a bit better.  Then I noticed that by trying to hit a specific number I got quite good at hitting 5, 8, or 12 (you get a feeling after a while how far to pull the plunger back).  So I went for the 5 on first shot, the eight on second and the twelve is a pretty sure shot after a little practice.  And I go for the 12 also when I hit the magic hole, and mostly use extra balls only when the 12 is missing.  This way I now reach at least 70 points very often, and I believe 100 are possible, but it would take a rather long time.

    If some of you are willing to give it a longer try, I’d be interested in descriptions how you did, and if there are other good tactics.  Any other feedback, good or bad would also be appreciated.

    This goes for the updated version, where the outside pins are moved further out.  The first fifty or so downloaders will have gotten the first version.

    Have fun!


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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