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    So not every game works right.  South Park seems to be fine, but Terminator 2 and Star Wars Trilogy are not.  I have no idea why this inconsistency.


    That is pretty weird that F1 only works for some games

    In VP preference under video….If you’re running exclusive full screen Turn it off for now

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    I turned off exclusive full screen and it also did nothing different, unfortunately.

    I swear this is something with how the table is layered with the DMD window.  What I don’t get is why the DMD window can’t always be on top.

    At this rate I should find an old 4×3 LCD monitor to dump my DMD onto…….


    The issues you are having are very strange. Even with outhere’s extensive knowledge you are unable to figure it out.

    I dont know if this is an option for you but maybe start over with a fresh install.

    Getting a separate monitor is not a bad idea either as they are cheap. You could also run your backglass on as well and maybe gets you on your way to a cab setup which is the best way to enjoy vp.

    Dont know if you used this at all but it is a very useful dmd tool that may help.

    I hope you figure it out.


    Hi my name is Barry and I'm a virtual pinball addict.


    Your not the only person that suffers DMD display issues.

    I also have followed the advice in this post and on some, not all tables the DMD just isnt on either screen (2 Monitor setup one horizontal (main) One portrait (game and coding)) The dmd when I look for it on the editor layout is way out there on some tables so when the tables loaded it miles off to the left / right top bottom of the table.

    As I can drag some DMD displays around from one screen to another is it possible to make the DMD a valid window rather than a corproate part of the editor design. If this poster is having the same issues as I do then this could be the solution rather than settings.


    Silver ball go that way, as eyes went this way, GAME OVER !!

Viewing 5 posts - 21 through 25 (of 25 total)
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