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    This is a VPX conversion of mfuegemann and kevinleedrum's VP9 version of a 1983 Gottlieb Krull table. Big thanks to mfuegemann and kevinleedrum for their work. You will have to do some creative internet searching for the rom "".

    Additional thanks to:

    Thanks to Jean-René Karr and Josh Lehan (Krellan) for documentation scans. Thanks to Chris Hutchins for restoration photos. Thanks to Inkochnito for the DIP switch settings code Thanks to arngrim for integrating the DOF code

    Thanks to batch for the new desktop backdrop image and desktop changes.

     Ben Logan2 

    Nice choice, rascal


    Krull – awesome.Thanks again Rascal for all your hard work.


    And the presents keep coming!  Thanks Rascal for all your great conversions.  All these Gottliebs are welcome additions to the VPX library!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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