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    table magnifique et bande son superbe beau travail merci

    beautiful table and great soundtrack great job thank you :bye: :bye: :bye: :bye:


    Wow. I love all the little details. What a supreme first table. Rookie of the Year.

    Well done.


    First table?


    An incredible achievement!



    Does anyone have the solution to “script error line: 8356” when completing the Sibling Rivalry mission? :unsure:


    Nice recreation ! Thanks


    Congratulations for the table this is incredible … I had problems with an 8356 line after finishing in 100% GAMORA.

    Fix for this error is make this line say

    If value&””=”0″ then

    Fix will be in next release

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    me gustaría içnstrall esta hermosa mesa

    tengo otras tablas con PINPLAYER instalado y funcionando bien

    Seguí las instrucciones pero agregué un mensaje de error en línea 11988 sobre el objeto no administrado ‘PUPDMDObject.DMDPuPMirror’

    __> ¿dónde está mi error?

    gracias por tu ayuda

    Eric :rasguño:

    Hola Eric

    Verifique la línea 39 y asegúrese de que esté configurada correctamente, tuve que cambiarla a 0 para mi LCD DMD que lo solucionó por mí

    dim PuPDMDDriverType: PuPDMDDriverType = 0 ‘0 = LCD DMD, 1 = RealDMD (Para FULLDMD, use los scripts por lotes en el paquete de cachorros)



    But i think he wants to use the PUPPACK and this error dont allows it…same as my problem..if i change the line 39, i can see perfectly the DMD etc, but no the PUPPACK which is what Eric and I wants to do…. any idea on how to fix?


    Hi there!



    well, i have an error when i try to run the table with PupPack… it says:

    error in line 11988 about not administered object ‘PUPDMDObject.DMDPuPMirror


    any ideas?

    this table NEEDS to de played with PUPPACK!! the ultra DMD is  a good help, but….


    First the new Xmen vpx table come out and now this. Being a Marvel superfan this is totally appreciated. Fantastic work. Table looks and play awesome. Thank you.


    Not much to add to the kudos. They are well deserved.  Thanks for this. It is a triumph for all involved.




    Thank you! Running a 3 screen setup and have had no issues thus far just adjusted volumes. Thank you again!


    I’m really enjoying this table.  That being said, I’m running into a strange behavior with the PupPack.  I am running Popper 1.4.5 to launch this table, and running this table on a 3 screen cabinet (Option 2).  My third screen is a 16×9 LCD which I am using as a Full Screen DMD for this table.

    When I exit the table, PinUpDisplay must crash (I don’t see any error messages), because if I launch a second table that uses a PupPack, none of the videos play (blank screen for backglass videos).  The only way to correct this is to completely exit Popper and restart it.  At that point, any PupPack works fine, and I can continue playing tables with PupPacks until I start GOTG again.  After I play GOTG, I lose the PupPack functionality on future tables that I launch (except GOTG, which seems to start up).

    I’m not sure if there is something in the script that is unique to launching and closing the PupPack screens for this table.

    If I do run VPX in Windows Borderless mode (vs. Exclusive Fullscreen), it works, but then performance suffers.  I’ve tried using the 1080P and 720P version of the PupPacks, tried running under different options (running DMD on Backglass, running it on the dedicated 3rd screen), but the behavior seems to be unique to this PupPack.

    The table is beautiful and fantastic and I can only imagine how much work went into creating this.

    The Loafer

    Congratulations for the table this is incredible … I had problems with an 8356 line after finishing in 100% GAMORA.

    Fix for this error is make this line say

    If value&””=”0″ then

    Fix will be in next release

    Thanks for the quick fix.

    question: the Cleland support is just for the extra music tracks right?  It doesn’t change all the call outs to the theatrical versions like Clelands mod does on the real GOTG pin, correct?

    just checking as I’ve heard quite a few from the stern voice actors but wasn’t sure if I also heard ones from the movie but of course that could be the PUP I’m hearing


    i played this for a solid hour last night. Jeesus you did an Incredible job with the rule set


    Fantastic job on this. Running 3 screens with full lcd dmd. Looks and plays awesome. Definitely be logging some time on this. I played the real table a few times at a bowling alley near me. It’s been awhile since I played it but I dont notice much difference between this and the real. I hope to see more releases from you and your team.

    Hi my name is Barry and I'm a virtual pinball addict.


    what a table…. and your first one to just wow had a bit of problem with the puppack video not showing but noting i could not fix with pup pack editor but the table itself amazing can’t wait to see your next project…


    Thanks so much for this! Can’t believe the quality of this table…This brings me so much fun. I’m playing on desktop and had some issues with PUP DMD not staying on foreground but man this is awesome!



    Man this table is nothing short of amazing, However I had it running last night completely with PupDMD and Pack. I stopped playing last night and shut down my cab, Turned it back on it crashed, with nothing on either screen, exited the table and tried to restart and it Locked up popper. had to reboot


    Just back to home from some short vacation and tried this. OMG man! This is magic. Can’t believe the quality simply breathtaking.

    I cannot imagine how many work hour in this but i’m sure this were very lot of work!

    Guys anyone can help me with a little settings? I am not a PUP magician, the entire pup is klingon for me (Only had Harry Potter, Stranger Things, Munsters and Top Gun with pup (settings for those set very well) all other are “original” without pups for me and not want to screw those settings).

    Everything works perfectly “out from the box” with GOTG (only i did set to LCD DMD in script) and i want to change only a little thing:


    How can i exactly set those fonts smaller from(step by step)?

    Thx again for this masterpiece guys.


    Rajo Joey

    Thanks for this table. :good:

    I also think the flipper buttons react a little strange. I rarely hit, what I actually want to hit.
    I set the coil ramp up to 0 and it’s a little better. My hs is something like 220 million.
    And in VR the table is unfortunately unplayable for me. I turned off the real-time protection of the Defender. Thus every other VR table (CPU AMD9-3900, GeForce RTX 2080ti) works.
    GOTG stutters with just one ball in the game, it’s unplayable in the multiball game.
    However, the side panels also flicker extremely.
    It’s a shame because the table looks good in VR. :cry:

    Josh Milne

    Thank you to everyone that took part in this creation, it is awesome!

    Just wanted to point out a fix to a minor sound bug I was having. It was a ridiculously loud sound effect/music track when “Mystery Is Lit” appeared on the video screen. I had all the other sounds handled, but this one continued to be ear piercing and unintelligible. I searched through the script and found the video file “video-0x0032.mp4” was called to play for this animation. Found it in the gotg puppack under pupvideos. I could be wrong but the other Mystery Bonus Multiplier animations don’t have audio tracks, but this one did, a particularly loud one, so I ended up using Handbrake to remove the audio track from the this video and the problem is solved for me! I guess I could have just attenuated the audio track a bit, but if anyone else has the same issue, do what you feel best suits you!

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