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    Use this for your Launch script – This will allow force Exclusive fullscreen Mode When you’re running the pinup front end
    This will usually resolve the focus issue

    After you run Guardians of the Galaxy and no other puppacks will work correctly try this idea
    I have that problem and this is what Dave and I came up with mainly Dave (Nailbuster)
    In Game manager Put NOFSX in CUSTOM1 For Guardians of the Galaxy
    CUSTOM1 IS = Custom launch param
    This will take  — Guardians of the Galaxy table — out of Full screen exclusive mode
    If you have a problem with game focus after launching then put the last line at the bottom of your launch script
    and put the EXE File in launch subfolder    —-   PinUPsystem\Launch    (EXE attached at the bottom)
    If you don’t have a problem with focus Then you don’t need the last line or the exe

    @echo off
    START "" "[STARTDIR]Launch\VPXSTARTER.exe" 30 10 60 "Visual Pinball Player" 2
    cd /d "[DIREMU]"
    SET FSMODE=-EnableTrueFullScreen
    if "[RECMODE]"=="1" (SET FSMODE=-DisableTrueFullScreen )
    if "[CUSTOM1]"=="NOFSX" (SET FSMODE=-DisableTrueFullScreen )

    START /min "" vpinballx.exe "[DIREMU]" %FSMODE% -minimized -play "[GAMEFULLNAME]"

    START "" "[STARTDIR]Launch\PopperKeepFocus.exe" "Visual Pinball Player" 15

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    thanks heaps, all appears to be working now!

    i’ll do a bit more testing, however haven’t noticed any adverse effects, other than minor one, stranger things seems to take a little longer to load (weird! could be unrelated)..

    • I added %FSMODE% in my start vpx line, as I didnt have this included prior.
    • Setup the GOTG table to use the NOFSX custom launch param
    • adjusted my launch script to add: SET FSMODE=-EnableTrueFullScreen
    • adjusted my launch script to add: if “[CUSTOM1]”==”NOFSX” (SET FSMODE=-DisableTrueFullScreen )

    I haven’t tried the exe as yet..

    champion! thanks again

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    Hi everybody,

    one question to the SSF gurus out there:

    The callouts are coming from my SSF speakers (= table speakers). I would like to have them moved to the backglass speakers. The table sound options are set up accordingly, but still the callouts come from the SSF speakers, which doesn’t sound nice.

    Is there a way to change this?


    Hey All this table rocks, I have a small issue that hopefully someone can help with. I have a CAB with a purpose built lock bar with an RGB fire button. I want to hide or remove Hadron flasher from the table otherwise I have it on the lock bar and the table. With the previous versions sions I just moved the flasher elements and that fixed my issue, however with 1.20  the flashing light refuses to go all the elements are gone and it still flashes! Does anyone know a way to solve this? I just want to have the flashes on my lock bar not on the table.


    I am still having trouble getting anything to show up on my DMD in PUP-mode. I have 2 LCDs (playfield and backglass) and a PinDMD3. In the PUP directory, I’ve run the .bat file for “Option 3 – 2 Screen RealOrSLimLCD-DMD” as that seems to be the correct one for my setup.

    If I set DMDMode = 1 (Ultra) then I see the UltraDMD stuff on my PinDMD3, including videos, but the backglass is static, no PUP stuff.

    If I set DMDMode = 2 (PUP) and PuPDMDDriverType = 0 (LCD DMD) then I see all the video stuff in the mock-DMD on my backglass, and nothing on the PinDMD3.

    If I set DMDMode = 2 (PUP) and PuPDMDDriverType = 1 (RealDMD), then I get this error:

    Line: 12510
    Object doesn’t supprt this property or method:

    I’ve tried changing the ‘useRealDMDScale’ and ‘useDMDVideos’ variables, and still get the same error.

    Am I missing a setting someplace? Telling PUP to use the LCD DMD is certainly playable, but it’d be cool to have the DMD in use as well. Or am I wrong in thinking that there should be content on the DMD when using PUP?

    Sorry if this is a duplicate post, I thought I posted it earlier but it didn’t seem to go thru.

    Appreciate any help, thanks!


    @erzak   In case you are
    There should be no need to run any Pinball Related Software As Administrator (Admin)


    @erzak In case you are

    There should be no need to run any Pinball Related Software As Administrator (Admin)

    I don’t believe that I am running anything as admin, and didn’t mention that here.  Only issue is with PinDMD3 when running in PUP-mode.



    If you look in the pinup folder you will see a directory called PinUPPlayerVPinMame copy its contents to your root Vpinmame folder and run the PUPDMDControl_Register.bat file. Should fix your problem. I think :scratch:

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    If you look in the pinup folder you will see a directory called PinUPPlayerVPinMame copy its contents to your root Vpinmame folder and run the PUPDMDControl_Register.bat file. Should fix your problem. I think :scratch:

    That did it!  I believe what happened is I did that step when I first set up PUP, and looks like the .exe file was updated with a new version of PUP, and I didn’t copy the new .exe over to the Vpinmame directory.  Thanks!



    Hi guys

    I hope that the question wasn’t asked I admit I didn’t read the 24 pages … but :)

    I have a problem with that great/excellent table. When I tilt my cab the slingshots are not working after that until I relaunch vpx.

    Am I the one ?


    Hi all,
    First, thanks for the great table!  I had just installed GOTG-1.2.0-daphishbowl and Harry Potter hpgf-052-DOF-Scottywic and notice my table sounds wouldn’t keep playing the sound effects when the sounds were triggered rapidly.  This was the most noticeable with the flipper sound.  It took a while, but I figured out the fix and wanted to share in case anyone else has this problem or knows a better fix than mine.

    For my Win10 cab setup, I have a separate sound cards for the backglass and table sounds.  Sounds and volume are correct for both, just the sounds for the table quickly mute, then come back, when the sound was triggered over and over.  Out of my +100 tables, I only had this new problem for the 2 new tables.  Short videos of the issue, before and after fix, here.

    I found that the flipper up sound effect was the issue.  I exported the flipper up and flipper down FX from AC/DC table (from Sound Manager) and import replaced them (Reimport From button) in these two tables and the issue is gone.  Yeah, so happy :)

    For GOTG, the sound name is “fx_Flipperdown” and “fx_Flipperup”.
    For HPGF, the sound name is “flipdown” and “flipup2”.
    You can download these files from the AC/DC table here, if you don’t want to extract them yourself.!Al_8U6ZRn_hvgfVrcmyY0yeK9zujfQ?e=sL7GQn

    After importing the replacement FX files, you’ll need to save, then close and re-open Visual Pinball.  Sound issue should be fixed now.

    Bonus details:
    With the original flipper sound FX, the issue did not happen if I changed the flipper FX sound to come out the backglass sound card, only when it came out the table sound card with the rest of the table sounds.

    The problem sound files are encoded with:
    Codec: PCM S16 LE (s16l)
    sample rate: 22050 Hz
    bits per sample: 16
    bitrate: 352 kb/s
    file size about 10KB

    The AC/DC sound files that work great for me are encoded with:
    Codec: PCM S16 LE (s16l)
    sample rate: 44100 Hz
    bits per sample: 16
    bitrate: 1411 kb/s
    file size 72KB

    Table sound card is Sound Blaster Audigy Fx with latest driver from MS, version


    For all 4:3 / 5:4 ratio (1024×768, 1280×1024) backglass monitor users, there is a new pup-pack option to use (in the updated pup-pack).

    Run the Option 4 BAT in the pup-pack folder. Then run the pup-pack editor and click “Configure Display/Positions” to use “quick position” to set your pup “Game Select” display on the backglass. This pup-pack option uses Game Select (6) as a reference for CustomPos to setup the BG, FullDMD, and Speaker panel image automatically for you guys specifically. I’m not sure if this was mentioned or updated in install instructions, but this is how PinEvent tables that use that option work as well.

    Spent my Saturday night and my entire Sunday morning to find this one paragraph that fixed my problem of the GOTG DMD not displaying correctly. Can this be added in the table instructions or something? It’s not exactly obvious.

    Here’s me pasting the carefully logged steps I took while doing the third of three full installs/reinstalls of VPX, PUP Player, VPinMame, B2SServr, Freezy extensions, and GOTG to get this working. Please don’t take it as me being disrespectful. I’m just tired. I’m going to go play GOTG now. Thanks, daphishbowl & TerryRed!!!

    I am starting an install of Pinup Popper. I am running Windows 10 Home with the latest May 2020 update installed. My cabinet has 2 monitors. Playfield is primary, #1 in Windodws, 1920×1200, 16:10 aspect in landscape. Backglass is #2 in Windows directly to the right of the playfield monitor, 1600×1200, 4:3 aspect ratio in landscape.

    I just installed the latest Visual Pinball X installed 10.6.0 Final, 32-bit using the AIO installer. It is set to use external DMD (dll). Show DMD/Display window is unchecked. Cabinet Mode is checked.

    Paths look like this:
    C:\Visual Pinball (contains VPX and VP9 exe’s
    C:\Visual Pinball\VPinMame (Visual PinMAME 3.2, 32-bit. DmdDevice.dll is in here too. It has no PUP settings in the dmddevice.ini.)
    C:\Visual Pinball\Tables (B2SBackglassServer lives here now. Used to have it in VPinMame. It is registered and works. The dll and exe show a file version of and a modified date of 10/6/2018, when they run they show as, 32-bit in the application window. )

    I have PinballX installed and correctly configured and working, but will not touch it during the course of this Pinup Popper installation.

    My goal is to get Pinup Popper running so I can play GOG.

    I’m grabbing PinUPPlayer_Install_v1_4_5. I’m ignoring the instructions that say to download and install B2S Backglass Server, because I did that in my last attempt and I’m not falling for it again since VPX 10.6 installs it anyway.

    Windows Security Virus & Threat settings are all freshly turned off.

    VPX install – already done and tested.
    VPinMame SAMBuild 3.3 Beta install – – Downloaded, unblocked. Copied to VPinMame folder. I had old dmddevice.dll files in my vpinmame folder so I deleted them and copied the fiels from PINDMD1 to the vpinmame folder. Clicked “Test” and selected the newest NBA Fastbreak and saw a small DMD window appear. Ran NBA Fastbreak and got Error: pinDMD v1 not found.

    Unchecked “use external DMD” and re-enabled the Show DMD/Display Window” and got the classic “NBA Fastbreak (3.1, Sound S3.0)” window instead of the external Virtual DMD.
    So now the external DMD is broken. I assume we’ll fix that later.

    Skipping B2S Server install, I’m at already.

    Running B2S and verifying taht it’s and Activate plugins is checked and Error message without backglass is unchecked.

    Next step is “DMDExt (aka Freezy, DMD Extensions). They want me to install 1.7.1 or higher, 32-bit files only is in red, so it must be really important!.

    Really torn wether I should install 1.8 or 1.7.1. I’ll go with the latest 1.8 since that’s the only download link on the page. On the github, going to releases and grabbing the dmdext-1.8.0-x86-Release.msi. I am pointing the installer to install to location C:\Visual Pinball\VPinMAME\.

    Testing using NBAF again. In the F1 menu turning on Use external DMD (dll) and unchecking SHow DMD/Display window. I got my Virtual DMD back!!! Dragging it to the backglass monitor and saving its location globally.

    Skipping DOF step because it is optional and I have no relays or extra doo-dads.

    DPI is 100% for all screens. All Screens are landscape. No displays are in a negative value position. Playfield is #1 on the left. BG is #2 on the right. They are the same height, 1200 pixels and are not in the “red”. Testing both NBAF and MM and they’re golden. PF is on the PF monitor and BG is on the BG monitor and the Vitual DMD appears on the BG properly right where I left it.

    I am going to do the Pinup System software install, Pinup Player first.
    Double checking, anti-virus is still off and vpinmame is excluded.
    Downloading PinUPPLayer_Install_v1_4_5. Unblocked the zip, extracted. Following the video. Checking my dmddevice.ini, it has a pinup section! “enabled = false”

    Copying files to C:\PinUPSystem. Anti-virus exception added for that folder.
    Pinup player register.bat ran as adminstrator.
    Setting Playfield as Display #1 quick position.
    Setting BackGlass as Display #2 quick position.
    Dragging topper and DMD to my BG monitor but leaving the default state as OFF on them.
    Leaving the rest as default, they’re just hanging around on the primary monitor.
    Save Settings, Exit.

    PinUpPlayerB2SDriver copied. creating a plugins folder in my C:\Viaual Pinball\Tables folder, pasting shortcut inside of that plugins folder and calling the shortcut PinUPPlayerB2SDriverLINK.

    Going into PinUPPlayerVPinMame folder, copying the files and pasting them into VPinMAME and running the PUPDMDControl_Register.bat file as administrator.

    Checking DMDDevice.ini and enabling PUP “enabled = true”. Saved.

    Running NBAF and in B2S Server Plugins I have PinUPPlayer Display Driver (V: 0.5.702… showing as Active. External DMD is still checked.

    Going to try to install GOTG
    Putting the GOTG vpx file in tables
    Extracting the PUP pack files to C:\PinUPSystem\PUPVideos folder so I now have a C:\PinUPSystem\PUPVideos\gotg folder. Double-checked, yes all these files are unblocked.
    Using Option 4, Backbox AIO 4×3, ran the batch file as adminstrator.

    Done with the config, going to rock the default table script settings.
    GOTG settings are:

    Inclination: 5.2
    FOV 40.2
    Layback: 60
    XY Rotation 270
    X Scle 1.029999
    Y Scale 1.399999
    Z Scale 1
    X Offset -21.4
    Y Offset 0
    Z Offset 0

    I played this table for about 20 minutes using option 4. Everything displayed nicely on my backglass monitor. I noticed that the font was a little large on the DMD and there were other graphics behind the DMD portion that seemed cut off, and also the speaker grills were missing. I decided to exit out and run PinUpPlayerConfigDisplays.bat. Huge mistake. In the display config screen, everything seemed to be configured correctly so I didn’t really make any changes, saved then tried the table again.

    Now the PUP displays all render in the upper left of my PF then dissapear behind the playfield. Re-running PinUpPlayerConfigDisplays.bat does not fix or change anything. In PinUpPackEditor the backglass displys all render the same way when I use the Start PUPack button. Right clicking to bring up the PinUP Player Displays screen shows all the same settings I had setup manually when setting up PUP Player and re-saving does nothing to fix it. It just goes right back to how it was with the Option 4 styled backglass staying in the upper left corner of my playfield. Deleting the vpx and the entire gotg folder and reinstalling does not fix it either. There is no rogue PinUpPlayer.ini in the gotg folder either.
    DMDMode is set to 2 in the script.

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    Sorry for the most likely obvious question to answer, but for some reason I cannot get puppack via popper/player to launch. Directly through VPX is works. It just keeps the BG media I downloaded from Media Manager.

    Went into puppack editor and BG was forceback and tried forcedon and no luck.

    I ran the no DMD bat as admin as I have read here, but nothing changed.

    Reloaded table and pup pack just in case and same result.

    Any guidance is appreciated.


    I’ll admit, I didn’t go through all 24 pages of questions so I hope this hasn’t been addressed already but, why is it that this table is allowed but other Stern tables like Ghostbusters and Beatles are against the rules?  It would seem this wouldn’t be permitted either no? Is it because this one doesn’t use a rom or something?


    So if one wanted to customize the songs in the guardians pin and add a few more tracks  from the movie, is there a way to do that?


    I’ll admit, I didn’t go through all 24 pages of questions so I hope this hasn’t been addressed already but, why is it that this table is allowed but other Stern tables like Ghostbusters and Beatles are against the rules? It would seem this wouldn’t be permitted either no? Is it because this one doesn’t use a rom or something?

    The author of Beatles hasn’t uploaded it here. Ghostbusters is a whole different thing, it was requested taken down by Fairlight. So, your question is really only – why isn’t Beatles uploaded here. And now you got your answer.


    Not sure if I should be hearing more music or not on this table. I figured I would but it seems that the only song I hear once in a while play is Hooked on a feeling. I hear mostly the pup videos audio.


    Just installed PupPlayer tonight to play this on my cab. Have to say I’m really impressed! For a first effort this sets the bar for yourself really high. :good:

    I did come across a couple of issues though with the latest 1.2 version. The first is almost a non issue, but nevertheless it’s there. When I got a match after a game I didn’t get an extra credit. Am I supposed to? Pressing the start button did nothing and I had to add another credit to play again. Like I say trivial that one.

    The other issue I had was trying to balance the various sounds. I have a 5.1 surround system fitted with the balance towards the rear speakers to enhance mech sounds thru my exciters. I really need to add a couple more to have 7.1 which will come soon.

    But no matter what I do with the volume settings in script some of the music and voices are really quiet (like Mr.Blue Sky) but the sound in some videos is mega loud (minus voices). One video in particular is super loud (the Ball saved clip). I can get everything almost balanced but that ball saved clip I can’t get low enough without other stuff going too quiet. Dunno if it’s how I’ve got the 5.1 arranged.


    where can I get the new VPXVR version needed to play as the link says file has been deleted?

    please help?


    @daphishbowl — Thank you for the Update
    And a thank you to all the contributors

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