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    Should I have to edit the script to enable the DMD/Scores ? or am I am I missing something?

    Right-click on the backglass and set the grill visibility setting to Visible.



    I know this is fairly old – I’m just getting into PinMAME and this ROM doesn’t work for me in your amazing game or diamond lady. I’ve tried a few different versions of it that have been posted too.


    For roms – got to VPU.

    Did you know that there is mobile phone app that helps to keep track of site activity ?
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    Android :

     DR Peters 

    I have the same problem with DMD. The virtual DMD starts but it’s blank. have loaded Diamond Lady and get the same issue. Anyone got any ideas?


    if you are using freezy’s dmd I’m not sure it works with alpha-numeric displays… someone who knows something would have to verify, but I’ve had to turn that off on others in the past (press F1 uncheck use external dmd)

     DR Peters 

    Thanks that has got the DMD to display but its huge – lol and doesn’t fit my third monitor. All other DMD’s are fine, how do I resize it? Is it in the script?


    right-click, then uncheck double-size, or click show border then drag the border to size like a window, then right click show border again to turn off the border.

     DR Peters 

    Hi BorgDog

    Figured out how to do it as you were replying, right click show border etc.

    Not the first time I have done this, brain just not working today – lol

    Thanks for your help


    ROM is no longer available.  Does anyone have the ROM?


    As I recall, I never received a hacked romset for this, so you can use the usual Diamond Lady rom set.

    Pinball Nirvana looks like they still have it.


    the rom link no longer works has anyone got it?


    head over to pinball nirvana to get the rom.

Viewing 12 posts - 21 through 32 (of 32 total)

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