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    I am sharing my PuP Display configuration files in this download so that 2 screen users can experience the full Harry Potter experience(minus the topper). It positions the PupDMD in the middle of the speaker grille. I have not modified the original table release by Scottywic or Vogliadicane's display fillers in any way and they are not included in this download. This will only positions your screens correctly. You will need both in order for my files to work. Please refer to the readme.doc file in the download.

    Table download:

    Backglass Display Filler files by Vogliadicane:

    Be sure to thank and like those posts and show your support for their excellent work.

    Big thank you to Scottywic for building some amazing tables and I cannot wait for Pizza Time. Thank you to Vogliadicane for making those backglass fillers. No more stretched screen or fonts and his fillers match the table's theme exactly.

    Thank you to Nailbuster for PinUp Player/Popper and Terry Red for his advice and guidance on using the POSCustom option for screen placement.

    The .mp4 file is not needed. It is my backglass video in Popper.

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    Thanks, I like it very much, but someone can help me for have the right position in one screen? :good:


    You should probably ask that question in the Pin Up Pinball System Facebook group or in the table support topic. I’m sure someone has it working on a 1 screen setup. Good Luck.


    Genial !!!

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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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