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    Hello. First off, thanks for opening! I’m relatively new to the whole Virtual Pinball trend–always wanted a pinball machine, but I’m not mechanically inclined and the maintenence requirement scares the hell out of me.

    I don’t have the wood working or hardware skills to build my own cabinet, so I’ve been looking at some prefab options and would love some advice on these three options:

    Option 1) Virtuapin – A bit more expensive than the other options, but they build the DIY table for you and ship you a built table for you to put a PC/TV into. I’m leaning here, but would love to know if these guys are any good. I’d be looking at getting their widebody cabinet for either a 43″ PC monitor or TV (advice here would be appreciated). Also, any thoughts on their digital plunger and controller?

    Option 2) Recroom Masters — I bought their arcade cabinet prefab and controller and it was great! The problem is their pinball prefab only fits a 40″ TV/monitor and nobody makes a 4K one anymore.

    Option 3) Gameroom Solutions – this seems like the best bang for the buck, but I’ve read some mixed things about them, so unsure.

    Bonus question: My goal is to get a pinball cabinet that also has some sort of force-feedback system so it “feels” like a real pinball machine. Someone was recommending SSF instead of putting in solenoids. Thoughts?


    Thanks for reading and for your help! :bye:

    Mike DA Spike

    Im not good with wood too, but I managed to build my own cabinet.  Maybe just a wooden frame from an old cabinett or the frame from virtuapin will do it.

    I made a mistake the build a normall body. So only a 40″  can be in it. There are a few vendors that still has 40″ 4k tv’s.

    Panasonic has a new tv (hx800) , but 43″ 4k monitors with a refresh rate of 100hz and higher are available.

    I have some solenoids as well, but also have all the hardware for ssf bought , but didn’t assembled it yet

    Thalamus can tell you all about ssf !

    So all up to you what you wants

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    Hi.  I’m probably only a couple of months ahead of you on the cab build.  I decided to go with the VirtuaPin Widebody fully trimmed, because you’ll find that as you start adding up the bits here and there they’re not really any more expensive than the other shops.  Also, they use real wood and not pressboard in the cabinet.

    Also, I would recommend zebboards plunger and their EZKit for the feedback devices.

    I have more info if you need/want it?

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