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    It seems like a great program, but why did you make it so incredibly hard to install it? I am a newbie concerning visual pinball, I do not understand most of the abbreviations, I actually have no clue how to make the program work or what I am doing wrong. You also managed to hide the install instructions, yesterday I found a page with help, today I can not find it anymore on your wiki or forum. I do not even have a clue where to post this topic in the forum, can’t find any help page there either.

    I used the VPX installer 10.5, I also checked most of the settings that were mentioned on the help page (the one I can not find anymore). I am trying to play the “Congo” virtual pinball, when I load it i get following popup message: “Machine ‘congo_21 (Congo (2.1)) terminated before initialized, check the rom path or rom file.”

    I am not interested in creating or adapting table, I just want to play but it’s impossible for me to figure out how…

    can anyone help please?



    Well visual pinball is a very basic install but like the program Mame you need the roms for the game. Did you download the Congo rom and place it in the roms folder?

    Messing with the VPinball app and push notifications.
    So if you haven't downloaded app yet what are you waiting for!?


    I can shoot a short video when I get home if it helps. Just let me know.


    I donwloaded the zip files I found on this website which had the vpx file, now I have downloaded the ROM files too (thank you!), but there are 4 zip files, how do I know which one I have to use? And where do I have to load the ROM file? –> I found a folder named “ROMS” in VPinmame, I placed one of the Congo Roms there. Game seems to be working , lights flickering, flippers move,  how do you change the view? I managed to get a full screen mode, are there different camera views?


    Sorry for the stupid questions, its really hard to figure out what is what in the virtual pinball world

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    It’s only hard to install because you don’t understand it
    This is a hobby, People have spent hundreds of hours making VP, all the games and all the side software..

    So instead of saying (why did you make it so incredibly hard to install it) maybe say I’m having a hard time getting it running

    VP is a general reference for visual pinball and VPX is visual pinball 10 the latest version of VP
    Open visual pinball 10 editor go to Preference, video adjust your screen resolution
    Also in the video setting area make sure Force exclusive fullscreen is not Checked
    What do you mean by frozen screen?
    Load the game in the editor at the top left click on script and Somewhere at the top of the script you will find this that tells you the name of the Rom
    Const cGameName = “Rom Name”

    Visual Pinball 10 and first VPX tables

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    Thanks for the help and quick replies!

    I am still confused about the types of files. Do you always need a ROM to run the vpx file? Cause there are a lot of vpx files without matching ROM

    I read something about EM tables, but I can not see them in the download section?


    Do you always need a ROM to run the vpx file? — No
    Also check here for roms –>
    Roms are for solid state tables Which Started around 1978
    EM do not require a rom there are lots of all them in the download section


    Welcome to the world of VP Elcoco!

    First of all this is the best forum / site that you could had found, everyone here is very helpful. And “almost” everything are already written in the forums. Sometimes it can be very hard for a beginner to actually understand i know since i began myself for almost 4 months ago, and i have builded, programmed, made media, learned the different programs, why they work and how they work. But usually posts in forums don´t actually describe in a “noobish” way, i understand now why. But i didn´t from the beginning. Its usually… “OH u must use Freezy 1.7, with VPM 3.2, use the beta, then activate plugins and bla bla bla bla” i didnt understand shit from the beginning ;)

    But you will find tons and tons of beginners guides on Youtube, and tutorials online. Print them out and read everything before you go to bed!

    This is going to take some time ;) the trick is to take it slow, and step by step.
    My advice is to like start with 2-3 tables , then work your system up. Learn positioning, dmd, backglass, how VpinMAME works, and so on. When you get a grip of the basics it all comes after a while.

    Patience is the main thing i would say building the perfect system, it is very time consuming! Cause in this world, there is nothing that is “plug n´play”.

    But when you finally are done with your cab…. it is worth all the time!!!!! But after 5 minutes you will come up with something new you want to do.

    Im´Malin Btw. And here to help you with what i can! I am no pro by far! But i learned the Newbie stuff, the hard way ;)

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    Thx Malinas,

    It seems like a very helpfull community indeed. As you said, for someone who is a noob in programming and virtual pinball its hard to understand the tutorials because I do not understand all the terms and abbreviations used there. I kind of miss a page for total noobs like me where all these terms are explained in the common language. That being said, everyone seems eager to help the stupid here, for which I am very gratefull ;-)

    I managed to get two tables to work, Congo and South Park, the rest remains a bit of a mystery. I have vpx files without roms and vice versa. I also see mods but no original files to match.

    But I am very happy with the two tables that do work. It’s amazing how the guys making the tables managed to capture the realism of the tables. I love it :-)

    I did manage to get my PS joystick to work properly using “better DS3” which adds to the pinball experience!

    Thanks for all the help so far!


    Since you already have tables up and running. You must have understood a good deal. I advice you to bookmark this link and use it often until you can’t go wrong anymore. This is basically all that is needed for anyone that isn’t going to change anything, just play.


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