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    This thread is a continuation of some help I was asking for in the T2 PuP support topic. Nailbuster and Matt were helping me there but thought it was time for a new thread here rather than to hi-jack the support topic for his PUP pack.

    So I looked into what was suggested by Nailbuster and Matt and here’s what I came up with.
    1) I’m pretty sure none of the events that have the prefix D in the PuP editor play. As Matt explained it to me the prefix D are the triggered events…..I see none of those play. I am playing the tables like Avatar,RFM Batman etc and see none of the triggered events play. Events like Multiball and Ball Drain should be easy to spot and they definitely are not playing. Terry’s newest Tron seems to play just fine as best as I can tell.

    2) I’ve updated to PuP 1.2 when the new Tron was realeased however I had some trouble doing that…..the installer didn’t update my existing dlls and what not that were in my PinMane folder… I had to do it manually. As a result I was only running freezes 1.6.0 rather than his latest 1.6.1 which as I understand it is required for PupCapture. Anyway this morning I actually found where that update was installed. It turned out it was placed here – Local Disc(C:)/ Visual Pinball/vPinMame rather than here which is where all of my PuP stuff is – Local Disc (C:)/Program Files/Visual Pinball/VPinMame. Not sure what the first path I mentioned above is all about as there was nothing else in that VPinMame folder other than the latest update from the installer.

    So now at least I have freezes 1.6.1 installed which I believe to be a step in the right direction.

    3)Nailbuster asked me to look into the sub folder of the PuP tables ROM and look at the colors of images in the PuP Capture folders, which I have. The images are all orange which matches my real DMD display of orange. Hope that tells you something….

    4) I’d like to try to play the triggered videos from from the PuP editor but can’t seem to figure out how that’s done if possible. Can they be played from the editor.

    So basically I’ve read and reread everything and was hopeful the dmddevice.dll version 1.6.1 was going to solve my problem but it hasn’t.

    Not sure what else to try or look at at this point but I am certain that my problem is 100% not showing triggered events as I play the tables.

    The new awesome Stranger Things seems to work 100% and as Nailbuster stated earlier that there are three ways PuP works and the ST tables uses one of the easiest ways to get PuP to work.

    There is just all of these awesome videos that I am missing yet and am highly motivated to do whatever it takes to get things working 100% on them all. I am not the most knowledgeable computer guy however.For now it’s back to Terry’s videos for a refresher course.

    Thanks for reading my long winded explanation…..just trying to give out as much information as I can.


    ok.. here goes so thoughts…

    (C:)/ Visual Pinball/vPinMame

    when you ran the pup installer it asks where your vpinmame folder is…  that’s the default location… if yours was different it should have been changed during install.

    so i would suggest this:

    run the pup installer again… but this time select the correct vpinmame folder during install.  That will update to pup/freezy 1.6.1 AND modify the ini there so that pupcapture will work.

    (remember to overwrite with stranger things version of exes afterwards)

    keep us posted…



    Nailbuster,you sir are a genius!

    After doing as you suggested above everything works now! Boy,it turns out that I was missing a lot of videos and the tables keep firing off videos that I’ve never seen before. Really makes a huge difference. Thanks very much for sticking with me on this….not sure how my install paths were originally set up the way they were but once I learned how to set them correctly based on my setup it was automatic with the installer.

    A couple of quick questions that I’m sure you’ll find basic but perplex me yet….

    1)With the new freezy dll running I get a DMD display on the PF when I load the table… do I turn that off as I have no need for it with my real DMD.Ive been able to drag it out of they way but trying to turn it off by hitting F1 and changing things hasn’t resolved that.

    2) On Stranger Things the “Adventure Progress” chart on the lower left of the BG…the zeros no longer are in their respective score boxes like they were prior to my reinstalling PuP a short while ago. Is that a function of the size of one of the PuP display boxes……?
    I’ve played around with sizing them a bit but haven’t been able to get them to move at all into their respective score boxes.Its a minor thing but they were perfectly aligned before……just wondering how everything fits together.
    Thanks again!


    1>  dmddevice.ini look at settings and make sure ‘virtualdmd’ is disabled if you have a hardware dmd.  also,  the extra dmd could be your b2s so configure b2s to hide dmd.

    2> you forgot to update your exes from the stranger things files for PUP beta v1.3…  without it the text positions are going to be wrong.


    I’ve lost some of the topper videos on Tron after updated to 1.3 beta. For example the intro preview. If I place the 1.2 files back in they work again.



    1> dmddevice.ini look at settings and make sure ‘virtualdmd’ is disabled if you have a hardware dmd. also, the extra dmd could be your b2s so configure b2s to hide dmd. 2> you forgot to update your exes from the stranger things files for PUP beta v1.3… without it the text positions are going to be wrong.

    You are correct again on both counts….thanks for helping me get this working 100%….I’m really excited and grateful for the help. This was a great learning experience for me….wrote down a bunch of notes that I can refer to in the future as well. Pup is an awesome program and IMHO really took VP to the next level. We in the Community are really in debt to you for this….many others as well. Thanks alot for sharing this.

    A final question here……I notice with freezys DLL my real DMD display is considerably dimmer than on the previous DLL,I searched for a way to increase the intensity of the display but was not able to come up with anything either here or elsewhere. Are you aware of any setting adjustments that I can make to get the intensity back to where it was?

    Thanks again for all of you help sir!!

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