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    @Kalavera3, for future reference in general my thought is that all those user customization settings should be set for ‘default’ when you publish a table, they are there for the end user to set for their setup, and what works for you on your system could totally mess things up on someone elses but they may have their defaults set so they work.  of course that’s just my opinion, and i’m not sure if that is causing these guys issues.


    is right, the truth is that I had not realized that I had personalized physics, thanks for your help, I hope you solve the problem of joey. :good:


    if you are going to update the table you should also remove this or the DOF users might expericence a double audio call for the bumpers and slignshots

    SolCallback(1)=”vpmSolSound “”Jet3″”,”
    SolCallback(2)=”vpmSolSound “”Jet3″”,”
    SolCallback(3)=”vpmSolSound “”Sling””,”
    SolCallback(4)=”vpmSolSound “”Sling””,”

    Sol 1-2 are bumper sounds

    Sol 3-4 are slingshot sounds

    both have sound calls when object is hit

    Bumper call

    playsound SoundFX(“fx_bumper1”,DOFContactors):

    slingshot call
    PlaySound SoundFX(“right_slingshot”,DOFContactors), 0,1, 0.05,0.05 ‘0,1, AudioPan(RightSlingShot), 0.05,0,0,1,AudioFade(RightSlingShot)


    You can also remove this

    Sub LeftSlingShot_SlingShot:vpmTimer.PulseSw 12:End Sub
    Sub RightSlingShot_SlingShot:vpmTimer.PulseSw 13:End Sub

    by moving the VPmTimer. PulseSw    to the animated slingshot code

    Sub RightSlingShot_Slingshot

    vpmTimer.PulseSw 13
    PlaySound SoundFX(“right_slingshot”,DOFContactors), 0,1, 0.05,0.05 ‘0,1, AudioPan(RightSlingShot), 0.05,0,0,1,AudioFade(RightSlingShot)
    RSling.Visible = 0
    RSling1.Visible = 1
    sling1.rotx = 20
    RStep = 0
    RightSlingShot.TimerEnabled = 1
    End Sub


    see a table you like help me find the resources so that I can finish it

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    For those wondering (I can’t seem to find a rule sheet out there) how multi ball works, from what I can tell, On the first launch, there is a skill shoot at the top that lights the ball lock.  The lane switches with the flippers.  When you hit the skill shot, both lock light.  When you lock a ball, a new ball will be ready for launch.  When you launch the ball multi ball is activated.  To get three ball activated, once the first ball of multi ball drains, and play returns to normal, you have to flip the ball back to the top of the field, and have the ball go through the lock light.  Now each lane represents a ball lock light.  Going off memory, the left lane is the far left lock, and the right lane is the top lock.  When you hit the first lane, the light will activate.  Lock that ball, and then you will be ready to launch a second ball.  This time when you launch the ball, the locked ball will not release.  You now have the ability to go for the second lock.  If you can lock the second ball, a third ball will be ready for launch.  When you launch this ball, three ball will being.  If at any time you drain before locking the second ball, you will have to restart all over again.


    To score big points during multi ball try and lock the two balls in either the ball locks or the alley oop shot on the top right.  When both balls are locked you will get the choice between baskets or 1 million points.  I always go with the easy million, but the points are important, because every 50 points the special light activates, and the more baskets at the end of the game add to your end score.  Very similar to Deadly weapon and Hollywood Heat modes.  The ball will grant you an extra ball, but I haven’t figured out what exactly activates the light, and what exactly grants the extra ball.  I have received the shoot again, but I’m not sure what I did/hit.


    There is a hang time mode, and I’m still a little confused on how it works.  I do believe there is a small switch next the the multi ball lanes that starts it,  When the mode starts, the bumpers add to the bonus.  There are lights that “freeze” the bonus, but I’m unsure right now the entire mode.  I do know once you drain the ball you get the points you built up.  As I mention before, every basket you earn adds up to a nice bonus to the end of your score and getting 50 points activates the special light.  From what I can tell, the special light is timed and only gained by hitting the capture ball.  The baskets are totaled on the left side of the backglass and certain shots give you more baskets.  For example, the alley oop shot will give you 10 baskets.  To activate the alley oop shot, you have to hit the capture ball, then hit the top lane above the capture ball, then sink the ball into the alley oop capture hole.  This is a timed shot as well, and for ten points, it doesn’t seem like its worth the hassle, but you do get a fun sfx.
    I have yet to figure out how much the special is worth, but say you have 48 baskets and drain.  The game will award you with end of ball baskets, however if you hit 50 basket after you drained, the light will not be activated for your next ball, you will have to work your way up to 100.  There is also a hang time lane which adds points to the bonus, but again, I haven’t quite figured out this mode yet.


    Spelling out Slam Dunk adds to your multiplier.  I wrote this up going off memory of last night, but if anyone wants to add to the rules of the game go for it!  I really enjoy this game and the street series from Gottlieb, so I will continue to figure out the entire rule set!

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    great table, very nice to see and play
    thanks for this excellent work, :good:

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