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    Thanks Terry for the work on this. Made my life very easy today now my cab is finally working properly.



    is there any possibility of bridging the brightness of LED flasher in DOFLinx.ini?



    Sorry to bump this thread.


    Being that there’s been revisions to BAM these settings aren’t the same

    Force Arcade Mode = ON
    Kick = Off
    Trails = Off
    Lock Ball Brightness = Off

    Mode: Static Cam

    Real World Camera: X=0, Z=0, Y= really high value like 200

    Table Scale: X, Y and Z should be the same…close to 1.0 or as needed.

    Angle: usually around 17 to 20

    Table Translation: X=0, Y and Z adjust to fine tune position.

    Table and Lighting: Lights = New Renderer

    Lighting Presets: start with Default….but then adjust to your liking for the individual settings

    Can someone share their default xml or the settings they use. Just got my new PC going and looking to get this up.


    Eat.Drink.Game. Repeat.

Viewing 3 posts - 21 through 23 (of 23 total)

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