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    I got curious about optimizing image quality with jpeg compression. I’m wondering if this will make a difference on TVs, 4K particularly.

    I build my PFs in InDesign which saves jpegs at double the VPX size with 150 dpi. I then have been resizing down to PF size but keeping dpi the same

    Here are the results:

    Actual PF size at 150dpi jpeg:  6.9MB


    Here it is at 55% and 70% jpeg compression, but at 2x the PF size in VPX. The first one is 55% is 6.1MB , the second is 70% is 8.0MB.



    Are there any issues with web optimized images in VPX?




    I’m not seeing much difference in the compressions of your samples… although compression in JPEG tends to look worse in larger areas of solid color, especially near the edges (JPEG compression works best in images without a lot of solid color, both in terms of appearance and the level of compression achieved), and for me personally, I can see the compression artifacts in big red areas first, particularly if there’s little or no blue or green in those areas, and I perceive pinkish and teal artifacts on the edges of whites. Mileage will, of course, vary for each person based on what specific color their eyes are most sensitive to.

    I work in prepress, though, so I tend to be much more aware of such things than a lot of people. The meme of the blue/gold dress photo was actually pretty enlightening even to me in terms of individual color processing. :-)

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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