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    Glad to see this mess turned around :P

    Sounds like some great new projects in the pipe, along with who knows what else.  Best part of this hobby!!!  You never know what’s going to drop next.

    Personally I’ve got to get back on my cab and finally decide to call my RaB table done enough.  Also started a new playfield redraw, it’s coming along quicker that I thought it might.  About 75% done with the top half.  Bottom half has a ton more detail, but not as much as tmnt at least.  Also have another DE lined up, along with a rework of my athf table.  That may finally actually see an “official” light of day.


    , Great choice in doing the VUK version, can’t wait and know that it will be awesome. By any chance, did you find out what activates those 3 game light switches in your picture?

Viewing 61 post (of 61 total)
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