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    Bonjour, a tous j’espère trouver des idées et des infos pour créer mon futur Pincab…

    Merci d’avance.

    futur créateur de pincab


    Hi everyone!

    After experiencing the emulation and the construction of arcade machines, it’s time to get to back to my first loves… Pinballs!

    Looks like here is the right place to start…



    Hello everyone.

    I have an unfinished Pincab that I built quite a few years ago, now. I recently decided to fire it up, and get it all updated.  That was 2 days ago, and my head is still spinning.  The hardware had/has issues, the software is a loss.  I’m basically starting from scratch, software wise, and wow..Things have changed so very much since I was actively involved in the hobby.  I’m very glad to have this site to reference and learn from.  My attempts to login to my account over at VPforums have so far been unsuccessful. Emailing the site administrator has yet to yield any results.  Forgot my password, and no longer have the associated email.  Shouldn’t be that hard to fix, far..nothing.

    I digress,

    I enjoy visual, virtual, and real pinball.  I play real pinball every chance I get.  I have a lot of fun playing on my pincab, as well.  I look forward to playing some of these beautiful new tables I’ve seen, in my browsing so far.  wow….last time I played on the pincab I had around 350 machines setup and ready to play.  Now, I’m starting over, kinda sucks, but I can’t wait to get it back up and running with even just a few tables.  I hate that I neglected it the way I have..but work, and life sometimes get in the way of the fun stuff..

    I’m sure I’ll have loads of questions, and bug the crap out of everyone with my lack of knowledge of the current visual pinball scene.  Thanks in advance, and thanks for hosting this site with the goals/ideals you’ve stated, it will surely be a success..  :-)






    Hello Guy’s, I’m Randall, wow… a great place you’ll develop here… Glad to have found this gen.


    So I’ve just built an Arcade Room… I’ve been into Race Simulators for a while, to many years to remember.  But this past winter I bought a Visual/Electronic Pinball machine.  I would like to learn how I can modify the games in it, it came with 1024 pinball tables from 70′, 80’s, 90’s, etc.. with FX2 and FX3 plus Future Pinball. It’s also an arcade machine with a couple of thousand great arcade classics like Donkey Kong, Asteroids, and more.

    Anyway, I’m hoping to learn how to enter the configuration maybe add games and/or modify game settings for the existing pinball games loaded.

    Anyway, Happy Memorial Day weekend… from Bama.



    Bonjour, nico de normandie. Curieux d’essayer des flippers sur lesquels je n’ai jamais joué. J’espère y parvenir car l’informatique et moi, on n’est pas très copains …


    Hello.  walleyepike here.  A complete beginner.  I have a MAME set-up in cabinet in my basement, and have yet to find anything on the internet that beats MAME.

    However, recently watching a ton of YouTube videos on Virtual Pinball, I think I may have found something even cooler than MAME!

    I am planning on buying a Virtual Pinball set up, as I am not the type who could put this all together myself.

    I look forward to discovering a lot of advice and resources on this forum!

    As I am new to the scene, I can’t quite understand how everything relates to eachother, considering terms like “Visual Pinball”, “FX”, “FuturePinball”, “VPX”, etc.

    Can anyone supply a link to a site or forum post or YouTube video that breaks all this down?  There seems to be so much information out there, it is difficult to find a good starting point that explains the basics and how the various tables relate to the various terms I listed above.

    Thank you!


    Hello pinball wizards!


    My name is Robin (Yskonyn mostly on the internet, but call me Yassy if that’s easier), hailing from the Netherlands.

    I am new to the DIY realm of virtual pinball!


    My introduction to pinball was with the awesome Terminator 2: Judgment Day table that my football club had in its canteen. I’ve spent loads of pocket money playing that table as a youngster and the sounds, light effects and the scary Terminator robot toy in the table made an ever lasting impression on me.


    Meanwhile I was an avid player of Pinball Dreams (at school! because our home computer could not run it), but as life progressed and I had to focus on my career and future, Pinball went on the back burner.


    Every time I came across a nice table, however, I just had to put in a few coins to play it! Unfortunately I don’t have the room to house a full size pinball table (which is still a dream of mine to actually have a pinball room one day), so the best thing is digital pinball for now.


    Zen’s offering has seen most of my playtime across various platforms and I only recently discovered Visual Pinball and Future Pinball!


    I may have jumped into the rabbit hole, because I have bought myself a Sharpin Ultra cabinet ( ) which I intend to modify over time into a proper mini-cabinet powered by a dedicated PC unit for VP and FPtables as well as Pinball FX tables.

    I have an Asus Z87-A, i5 4670K, 16GB DDR3 and a Geforce 1050Ti laying around for this purpose.

    But I still have to learn so much about VP and FP! I have setup the essentials on my desktop to play around with and learn to setup (shoutout to @TerryRed for his excellent video guide ), but as of yet I have been unsuccessful to get a table running correctly.
    Of course, I immediately searched for the Terminator 2 table and was totally smitten to see it being hosted on, but I must be doing something wrong, cause the table loads into VPX’s editor, but does nothing when trying to play it.
    But I am here to learn and master the DIY aspects of digital pinball table setups! No rush, I am a patient man.


    I am looking forward to meet you all and learn from you all.

    Best regards!




    new to the exciting world of virtual pinball….I have had a cabinet made and am really enjoying just how realistic the game play is especially in 4K quiet amazing…

    when it comes to computers I just have no idea but I am looking forward to the challenge in up loading some of these fantastic games..especially when the new ones are released…

    is there a place here  where it can show you how to upload the games but in a very basic step by step way starting with the more simpler games the slowly advancing as I’m a little nervous when you start getting into the programs and am worried I may do something and it will not be fixed ??…

    thanks in advance for any help mozzie



    Hi Everyone

    Love the site and all the resources.
    And, very importantly, seems an extremely helpful and knowledgeable place to hang out.

    I’ve enjoyed real pinball since I was very young (recall having to stand on a chair to play in a local arcade, and could only just reach both flippers at the same time)!
    Then, of course, playing Pinball Dreams on the Amiga in the early 90’s
    Since, then, mainly arcade and video games, not so much virtual pinball.
    Only really got back into virtual pinball a few months ago, after watching some of TerryRed’s YouTube vids.

    And, of course, the familiar story unfolds, once bitten by the virtual pinball bug…..
    …read the forums, guides, watch the vids, download the software, get it up an running on a desktop pc, tinker around with front-ends, Pup etc…….’s all great “but in a full size cab this would be so much better” you say to yourself – so that’s the plan!

    Thankfully, I have some accrued knowledge that will help – I built a bartop arcade machine a year or so ago (pic below).
    Of course, a pinball cab is far more complicated than a simple single screen arcade machine, but the basic build principles still apply.
    Wish me luck!






    is there a place here where it can show you how to upload the games but in a very basic step by step way starting with the more simpler games the slowly advancing as I’m a little nervous when you start getting into the programs and am worried I may do something and it will not be fixed ??…

    For a quick starter Mozzie – it’s not exactly ‘in depth’ but it helped me get up and running before delving a bit deeper into the various components….
    unsure if the pro guys on here would approve, but for noobs like us it’s an ‘easy way in’ to get going.

    Also, I highly recommend TerryReds youtube channel – loads of really good in depth stuff in there aswell as setup guides.

    oh, and you could read the guides right here on this very site ;-)



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    Hello! My name is CJ and I just wanted to introduce myself and say thank you to everyone who contributes to this awesome hobby.  I have been lurking here and on other forums for a few years, but not been very active posting.


    Hi everyone.  I just found this site and this incredible hobby.  We are in the process of moving, and my wife’s grandmother had a Bally Fireball growing up.  My wife always wanted her own machine for our home and I am hoping a virtual machine will be a great surprise for her.  I just bought the recroommasters 40 inch cabinet, and the recommended TVs, so I guess the easy part is done!

    If anyone else has put together a recroommasters kit, feel free to message me with any tips or gotchas!



    Be a Rogue! Full Screen DirectB2s Tables no one else has!


    Hi everyone!

    Very new to all this. Played pinball a lot in the 90s with little improvement from one years end to the next.  It was just starting to disappear from arcades and pubs back then. Moved onto Pro Pinball in mid 90s and bought The Web, Timeshock! and Big Race USA. Spent far too much time with an uncle of mine playing these games as well as Tilt! and Psycho Pinball.

    Have rediscovered my love of the game recently, though I always used to seek out pubs near me with tables and sink money into them before being disappointed at how poorly maintained they were.

    Just beginning my VP adventure, so all help and pointers will be gratefully accepted.

    Thanks for reading and big admiration for the work and dedication that I can see on this forum

    Simon :good:


    Hello team!

    Up until 24 hours ago I knew nothing about Virtual Pinball or VpinMAME etc.  In that 24 hours I have consumed sooooooooooo much information that my brain is about to explode!! :)  I am a long time MAME user and grew up playing Taito’s original Space Invaders and all the awesome arcade games that followed. I lost interest in modern 90’s arcade games and prefer the older 80’s scrollers like scramble, xevious, elevator action, etc.  I also love pinball but owning one was out of my league and I know how expensive they can be to not just buy, but maintain! Hence my trek into virtual pinball. :)

    In looking I decided I was going to just go with Zen/FX3/Pinball Arcade but was put off by potential performance issues in Steam that I heard about, but also because I wish to front end the collections of tables once I finalise which they will be and a couple other reasons. I am concentrating my efforts currently on Visual Pinball and VPinMAME and have installed version 10.6.0 of the latest Visual Pinball that includes VPinMAME  3.2.

    I am technical in nature and can generally follow instructions well (if I have to ;) ) and found some good resources on the internet, particularly You Tube. Given I am at the start of this new venture I imagine every issue I have will have been experienced already and I should easily be able to unleash the power of Google to help resolve.

    My intention is to initially build a benchtop smallish VP cabinet with only two screens being the playfield (24″) and the backglass (19″) to start with. No DMD screens, solenoids, shaker motors or tilt bobs, just the two screens and buttons. In fact I only leanred what all those things are today!  But before I do any of all of that, I have decided to simply get to grips with the software and how the various components co-exist and operate.

    To that end today I got one of my favs working today, The Addams Family and I am stoked I got this far without pestering any of you fine folks! :) I had issues but was able to find out the remedies.  So, I intend to continue learning the software on the hardware that I will eventually place into the first cabinet. I also want that cabinet to be portable hence the size. Plus I also have a lot of 24″ and 19″ LCD monitors. 

    Afterward, I will buy or use an existing 27″ 4k 120Hz screen that I use for gaming that I want to replace and do a larger version with feet etc. So, small steps but I am absolutely stoked and the software runs smooth as silk on the hardware, albeit at 60Hz refresh, which is fine for now. No doubt I will have some queries and I hope to provide much detail when I do and what lead up to it. I am not one to simply ask “How do you….” but rather “I am trying to do “x” and can see that I need to do “y”, but I am having issue “z”.”

    I am from New Zealand where we are very lucky to be enjoying a reasonably normal life albeit without international visitors for probably some time.

    Thanks very much in advance and be well all… :)




    @zakky thanks for the great introduction! welcomr to your new addiction :)

    Messing with the VPinball app and push notifications.
    So if you haven't downloaded app yet what are you waiting for!?
    for IOS and Android


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    I would say. I’m actually impress with all the good choices you’ve come up with in only 24 hours. Staying away from FX – Future Pinball and all the other crap. Only error you’ve got in your thought process is lack of tilt bob ;) Nah, just pulling your leg. It is ok if you plan to make a second machine. I recommend that you read mjr’s build guide before starting on the real deal.

    Good luck and and have fun.

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    Easy peasy. I have a real tilt bob hooked to the tilt key in VP. I also have a gamepad hooked to my plunger linage. Not perfect, but good enough for me. :)


    Hello BTW! B-)

    Be a Rogue! Full Screen DirectB2s Tables no one else has!

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    Thank you folks…  (@randr, @thalamus, @itchigo)   :)  

    A new addiction indeed, hah… My wife is ok with my arcade fetish and only demands that build in a headphone jack for everything that I make. :)


    LOL, that was the first thing I put in my Defender when I bought it! She will hear the noise of hitting the buttons though. Especially during multiball….

    Be a Rogue! Full Screen DirectB2s Tables no one else has!

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