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    Hello everybody, I just wanted to introduce myself and say thank you that I can participate in this forum. I’m Mark, 47, from germany. I’m a PC-Pinball afficionado since “David’s Midnight Magic” on the C64. I never had a real Pinball myself but I grew up with an “Old Chicago” from Bally in my parents’ basement. My twin brother has built a fantastic Virtual Pinball machine, based on VPX and an old and empty Zaccharia “Pinball Champ” cabinet, where I can play anytime I want to. Now I want to try out VR-Pinball with my Rift CV1 (HP Reverb G2 is ordered) – I hope I can make it… :wacko:


    G’day One and All,

    My name is Brian but most people call me by my nickname Boxy. I’m from Melbourne, Australia and got into back into Pinball on the competitive side in 2013 to help curb my pretty serious gambling addiction. By serious I mean about $350k lost in the ten years up until 2013. I’m on record as saying Pinball really changed my life. No joke, It really has and I thank you and the awesome worldwide pinball community for that.

    I’ve played pinball on & off since I was 7 but I haven’t really ventured into the Virtual Pinball world yet. Covid 19 has forced me here because I don’t have a machine or table at home and I’m going batshit crazy not getting my fix! 

    Anyway, my VP journey begins, thanks to everyone who has made this possible. Cheers Boxy


    Hi everyone, new here as well.

    Been loving pinball ever since I was a kid, started up with pinball on my nintendo (which I suppose is pretty awful today), then over to the wonderful pinball dreams/fantasies/illusion and one of my fav games, Slam Tilt on the Amiga.

    Thankfully I live in a very pinball loving city in Sweden called Borås, where we have a pinball community where the owner (INK) has about 100 tables for us to enjoy, but now during Corona times, I’ve stopped going. Still need my fix as @Boxy here as well, and found VPX to have really good physics and the work people have done is nothing short of breathtaking.
    I’ve set up about 160 tables now, using Launchbox/BigBox as frontend, playing on my tv (wish I had a virtual pinball cabinet though).

    Thanks to all people making this possible, cheers <3


    Hi there

    I’m from Switzerland and currently own two real machines: Fish Tales and Dracula. I also created a WPC Emulator running at (Which is used to rip DMD sequences, which are needed for the colorization).

    On a rainy evening I also decided to create some art prints and sell them at – always looking for feedback… especially the “it looks like a machine from a hospital” is my favorite!

    Anyway – I’m looking to merge the physical and virtual pinball machines in the future..



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    I tried out your WPC Emulator and it was very impressive.  Thanks for sharing!





    Hi everyone,

    I am Jeff (Garage Maker Guy) and a big silver ball fan and have been for many years.

    Happy to be part of the crazy good Virtual Pinball Community :)

    Used to be an exhibitor at the California Extreme shows.

    Got tired of moving real pinball machines and doing all of the maintenance:


    A lot of MAME/MAME32 experience.

    I am amazed and so happy to see the virtual pinball community thriving

    The quality of the tables and effects available today are outstanding and truly provide an immersion level that just wasn’t around 20+ years ago.

    Thanks to everyone in the community for sharing.



    Jeff (Garage Maker Guy)



    thank you for the add love pinball


Viewing 7 posts - 221 through 227 (of 227 total)
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