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    Heroes are not born. They are beeing built. Here comes the Ironman PupPack

    tested with rom im_183_ve

    A big thank you to Lianad, who contributed a lot to this PuPPack with his work on the Overlays and animations.

    example video if all is correct installed

    This PuPPack requires Pinup Popper and Pinup Player installed and updated to 1.4 or higher.

    System: Visual Pinball X (version 10.5+)


    -optional Loading Video Landscape 4K+HD for the new T-ARC feature in PinupPopper (thanks to Opeckie Derpenstein for this Video)

    -different options to fit your setup(default setup is for 3 Screen user with Lcd DMD and Topper)

    in the PupPack are you can overwrite the Existing files in your PUPackroot folder to use them .

    PuPconfig_2 Screens_ Realdmd (for 2 Screen user with real dmd if you want to use topper set screen0 to show in PuPPackeditor.)

    PuPconfig_2Screens_LightVersion(for People who only want to see the Main Events and only short Videos)

    PuPconfig_3Screens_MaxPack (thats default Setup Action on all Triggers inkluded Topper

    Extra( big thanks to Nailbuster for this nice feature) if you have performance Problems you can use Nailbusters resize ALL Media it will convert all mp4 to 2/3 size. so 1920x1080 goes to 1280x720 for example this will relieve your system if needed

    - OST – Music you have to use my muted rom

    -21:9 Widescreen for the Backglassvideos

    -using 5 transparent Screens for displaying the Modes that finished (be sure your setup is correct to enable the transparency)

    -different Videos for all modes on every Level matching the Gameplay

    -different toppervideos

    -animated Backglassunderlay

    -works with all cabinet configurations (DMD can be positioned in the bottom text area if required)

    -over 120 PuPCapture DMD images being monitored

    -over 250 trigger events to get all work


    Visual Pinball X 10.5 All in One or higher installed (this is to include newest B2S Server):

    PinMAME 3.2 beta or higher installed:

    PINUP SYSTEM (1.4 or higher):

    PinUP System 1.4 FULLY installed and PinUP Player setup. (The Pinup Popper front-end is not required for PuP-Packs, for those who use another front-end)


    DMDExt 1.71 (32 bit/x86 files only!) or higher installed in your VPinMAME folder and configured to enable PUPCapture!

    This PuP-Pack relies on monitoring the freezy dmdext DMD for specific images to trigger videos and music (PuPCapture). This needs both the freezy 1.71+ "dmddevice.dll" file, and the Pinup Player "dmddevicePUP.dll" file in your VPinMAME folder.

    Ensure PuPCapture is enabled in the dmddevice.ini file (in your VPinMAME folder):



    Note: If you are using a real DMD, then ensure that the freezy virtual DMD is disabled in the dmddevice.ini file:

    ; a DMD that renders with nice dots on a computer monitor


    enabled = false


    In the PinMAME settings for Ironman (press F1 during gameplay):

    - you must have "Use External DMD (DLL)" enabled. This will enable the freezy dmdext dmddevice.dll to be used, which is needed for PuPCapture.

    Your DMD must be in English for all PuPCapture video triggers to work correctly!

    PinUPPlayerB2SDriver and B2S SERVER SETTINGS:

    Be sure that your PuPB2s Driver and B2S server settings are setup and working correctly so you don't get any errors.


    You MUST NOT have a directb2s running at all, or it will obscure the PuP Backglass!!!

    Simply make sure you have a copy of your favorite Ironman table (intended only for use with this PuP-Pack), and make sure it is named VERY differently to your directb2s file, so when you launch that copy of your table it won't launch the directb2s!


    Make sure you have no media displayed on your Backglass and Topper when launching the table from a front-end.

    Pinball X: In Games Manager, make sure you have "Hide Topper" and "Hide Backglass" enabled for the table you are using.

    Popper: In Games Manager, for the table you are using, enter -1 In the "Keep Displays ON" field (to not use Popper media on ALL Displays when launching the table)



    Ensure there are no files in your "PUPVideos" "im_183ve" folder (if that folder already exists).

    Copy the PuP-Pack "im_183ve" folder from the archive into your PUPVideos folder.

    This Pack comes with OST-Music so you have to use my muted rom. Copy the into your Vpinmame roms folder. Overwrite or Delete your existing rom or make a backup from your old rom


    If you have video stuttering or artifacts with PuP-Packs with VPX...  you most likely don't have VSYNC properly setup in VPX. Set "FPS Limiter/VSYNC" to 1, and "Maximum Pre-Rendered Frames" to 1 in VPX Video Options. This can also be set per-table in the Table's "User Customization" options, so check that as well.

    Having certain programs running in the background can also cause issues as they may interfere with VLC or prevent Overlays from displaying. Try closing out other programs / processes to see if that helps resolve any issues.

    If the OST music "during gameplay" isn't working correctly then you probably didn't update correctly.

    To make it CLEAR. You MUST be updated "properly" to Pinup System 1.4 for this Pack to work "correctly"! Some videos may not be triggering,

    If you don´t want to use Topper go to PupPackeditor and disable screen 0

    For other issues with getting a PuP-Pack to work, refer to the wiki:



    WOW what a surprise! Will give this a run this instant! Thank you! Due to the files, triggers and such… I guess you spent many sleepless nights to bring us this enjoyment!


    I’m getting flipper misfires with the modified rom. if i disable fast.flips, it works better. does anyone see this? im not sure which table im using (file size is 56,792kb)


    This game PupPack crashes my VPX.  My comp is a i5 4570 and teh GFX card is a Gigabyte 1050ti, and I’m running a 3 screen (PF 4k, BG 720p, and 1280×320 DMD).  Yes, I know I’m woefully underpowered, but I get 60fps on most every table with Ambient Occlusion on, but no other bells and whistles unfortunatley.  Okay, so yes, my PC is underpowered, but could that be the issue?  the Star Trek LE tables uses an even bigger (1.2GB Pup-Pack, and I have no issue with that PupPack.  I tried reducing the size of the Iron Man media with the included tool (which is awesome), but it didn’t help, just continued to crash. For comparison purposes, I tried re-sizing the Star Trek LE media down also, and it cased that table to crash too, but where the full-size media didn’t.  So… who knows on that.  At any rate, has anyone had failures to load withthis Iron Man PupPack?  When I launch the table I can see the VPX PF come up, the initial Pup-Pack BG, and I can see the DMD trying to initialize, but then both the DMD and Playfield crash and leave me with only a running BG.  I then have to task kill the pupdevice.  Never had this acute of a problem with a pup-pack, and no other pup-pack causes such catastrophic fauliure for me.  And it’s not an issue with the muted rom I don’t think.  The muted rom tests perfectly in the VPINMAME setup tool.  Thanks for any guidance!


    Sounds like you have to check your ajit settings. And make your vpx settings like recommend from nailbuster.


    Yes, I’ve read of this at91jit thing before.  Never have I had to mess with it with any of the 200+ tables I use consistently on my cab.  So far, in about the 25 or so Pup-Packs I’m using, I’ve not yet needed to mess with this.  Although a little reading suggests at91jit is more of a stern issue, so perhaps that’s why this pup-pack specifically is troublesome for me.  Great.  Thanks.  I’ll test it out.


    Thankyou trochjochel  Lianad and Nailbuster,  Awesome PuPPack. My eyes are on the clips instead of the Ball. :good:


    Hello and thanks for this!

    I’m having a bit of a problem getting this to load and display on my BG. I’m running ver1.4 and all other Pup Packs work just fine…including your POTC Pup table which tells me that I have Pup running properly,if I’m not mistaken? I’ve renamed the table very differently so the BG doesn’t display at all. I just have a blank BG monitor when I load the table. I haven’t been able to figure out whats going on with this yet. Thanks


    I had the same issue, all others worked, this one not – just empty screen.

    As suggested, read twice.

    Check if you have the PUPLOG.TXT file and the content is there. If no, search somewhere else.

    If the log looks good: read in the troubleshoot till the end and load the patch mentioned there. My dll was 3 years old, updating – and now all worked fine.


    Same with me.  I had some crashing issues earlier, but that seems to have resolved itself without the at91jit fix above (for which I’ve never had to do with any other table either).  One of those turn of pc and turn back on fixes I guess.  So now he table/playfield, DMD, and PupPack load and remain active now, no problem.  The problem I have now is much like yours I think.  The PUPPack BG loads and plays, only a mostly black screen with the words Iron Man on it, that single video looping over and over.  I can play the table and run through the game, but never does the backglass change from that single looping video.  No idea why! The only thing I did to the PupPack was turn off the topper since I don’t have one.


    Well I’ve made a bit of progress here….I tried this on another VPX table that I have which uses the same im_183ve rom and it works just fine on that table. I just cannot get the Pup pack to work on the other table which is JP Salas’s table ver 1.2.1
    Both tables use the same rom but I get the blank BG with JP’s table. Unsure why…seems rather odd to me that it won’t work on that version yet works on the other table(I am unsure of the author of the table that it works on)
    Thanks guys for chiming in with your suggestions…..I probably need to do some reading yet …..just seems odd to me that it won’t work with the other table.


    cant get topper to show works fine other wise  what am i missing

    using lcd for topper


    I have a 3 screen + real DMD setup. I have all available PupPacks working.

    I moved all Iron Man directb2s files to another location and still I see the default backglass.

    When I close the table, the default backglass closes and I see the video playing on the backglass monitor.

    Tried all PuPConfig files but I suppose I need the MaxPack for my setup.


    The PupPack for me works with both games

    I have a 3 screen setup so all I had to do was use the default

    I have no ironman back glasses in my tables folder

    this Backglass Server I use


    Im using JP Iron man, it works fine for me,once there was a little delay in pack triggering but come good. 2 screen with pin2dmd. Just tried the other table and works fine also. :good:


    the Pack was made  the Ironman table from Hauntfreak. other table may working but not tested. look  at the VPJunkies spreeadsheet to find the right table.

    1 user thanked author for this post.

    That did the trick, I didn’t use the Hauntfreak version, but the Vault Edition from the spreadsheet.

    Strange thing is, the table is revering to the VE version while the Hauntfreak version isn’t.

    But at least I got it working, PUP looks stunning! Thnx for the hard work! :good:


    I dont have the right words for this .. but I give it a try.



    Didnt knew this was possible to do! Amazing , you really have the feeling for clips, continuity and how to raise the “wow” factor through the game. And I can just guess how many hours you spent on this. This is some serious “editing” skills with much love put in to this project. I hope you keep doing this great experiences for us!

    Can’t wait to show this to my cousin that are a hard core iron man fan!

    Thanks for the ride!

    Major Frenchy

    Thank you for this awesome work trochjochel.

    Youtube Channel:


    When I try to play with this pup-pack, all I get is a single overlay on my backglass.  It is a blank screen with the words Iron Man fading in and out.  It looks nothing like the Backglass I think is supposed to come up.  Any ideas what I’m doing wrong?

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