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    Hello world,

    since my diy VPin is set and ready to go I installed the fantastic PinUp as my front end of choice. But now I need to ask for a little help.

    My cab is equiped with a PinControl 2 board and to this I connected most of my arcade and flipper buttons. Using Win 10 Pro, this works well with my 3 screen setup and VPX 10.5.

    But when I enter the PinUp front end sometimes Windows just gives me a “beep” sound when a key is pressed (e.g. “right shift” and/or “left shift” to scroll my list) and nothing more. After some keystrokes I can get to scroll trough the menu normally but the “beep” problem may occur again randomly.

    Since this only happens when PinUp is involved I hope that this is something you guys have a solution for.

    Any help is highly appreciated!

    Kind Regards



    pressing shift 5 times activates stickykeys, you have to turn it off in windows


    Hey Matt,

    Could it be that STICKY KEYS is on ?

    Beeps when you press shift key 5 times

    disable under ease of access control panel


    Or is it possible you have a usb keyboard/device that is turning itself off ?

    Check in your power options (advanced options) that USB selective suspend is disabled


    Hope that sorts it for you !

    Edit:   Laughs NFozzy already had you sorted !

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    Hi and thanks for your quick replies!

    Sticky keys was and still is disabled.

    The USB power saving setting is now deactivated, I’ll try that. But will Windows power down a device that is used at the same time (PinControl in this case)?

    Kind regads



    Ok, just a quick update.

    There seems to be an issue with the “Left Shift” and “Right Shift” keys!

    I assigned them like the default configuration in VPX 10.5. Which is a must since the PinControl board inevitably expects these keys to be flipper left and right

    I figured out that when assigning the “Game Next” and “Game Prior” buttons in PinUp to let’s say “Left CTRL” and “Right CTRL” – that are assigned to left and right Magnasave in VPX -, no more beeps till now!

    The only “trouble” this causes is that I need to chose the game in the front end with my Magnasave buttons instead of the Flipper buttons.

    But that is ok with me as long it causes no beeps  :-) .


    my guess, is that you had two functions using the same keys… which is a feature but if used wrong can cause strange issues like this.

    like assigning “game next” and “page next” to same left-shift.   so dbl-check that the left-shift wasn’t also assigned to another function…but again, im guessing.

    either way, you have a working solution now…enjoy!

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    Sticky keys was and still is disabled.

    Make sure the keyboard shortcut for toggling stickykeys is disabled too in the options

    that’s all I got

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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