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    Downloaded the current update.
    theres 2 tables that show up when i unpacked it. can someone
    tell me which table to use? and on the music files. does it work if you put the kiss folder with the song files in it to the Vp music folder or copy the individual music files to the
    vp music folder? Thanks! Thanks
    again Daryl for all your hard work and time on this table. Your Awesome! Can’t wait to rock the house soon.


    I just installed it 3 minutes ago and got it working, it’s not that difficult: first install the first one, the most complete package and 2nd: the 2nd zip file contains 2 files: the vpx table file and the kiss rules . vbs file.

    Put the vpx file in your tables and you can delete the other, first, Kiss table file. Put the KissRules.vbs in your scripts folder, overwriting the other kiss vbs file you found with the first step.

    The music files can go as seperate files into the Music directory (I do have music there from Beatles VP9 table as well so you can mix it).

    Do not forget to run and install the utra dmd msi package you found in the first zip file!


    Daryl thank you very much! Great and Big Fun!


    My favorite pinball machine?
    Where I can put my name on as G.C....

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    Perhaps you have your Music udner sound preferences, set to the wrong speakers/driver? Not many tables use Music .. usually they only use the sounds in the sound manager – not this table.

    I have set Music option to Primary audio device instead of Realtek High Definition Audio device and music is now playing on my panel audio system  :good:


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    Hey Daryl, yes its Ver 1.0


    I have version 1.1 playing now and I don’t know if you meant for this to happen. Let me try to explain:

    It seems like most of the modes are reset after each ball (collect instruments, song modes Etc…) so to get extra ball I need to get all four instruments on one ball. On the real table the mode carries over, at least the settings on the table at my arcade do. This is not a big deal. Now lets say I want to play “Shout It Out Loud” mode it seems to always start with getting the left ramp and then the pop bumper roll over area etc… If I am playing my last ball and do not complete the mode the game is over, but if I start a new game right away “Shout It Out Loud” starts where I left off until the ball drains and then it resets again. I think you need and end of game routine to reset all the modes.

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    OK still having a problem with starting the table from launch of table by PinballX.    It appears that the cursor is not on the table when it’s loads  but positioned on the DMD or the back glass   if I place the cursor on the table and click then I can hit the start button and the game will start. Does that make any sense?  I have no idea why the cursor would not be positioned on the playfield at the time of loading.    Anything I can do to force focus on the play field.   Thanks for the help


    I have the same problem Naboodiver – I have to tap the playfield before I can coinup/start on this table (and only this table) in PBX. Funny thing is I didn’t when I first installed 1.1 of the table. I’ve updated PBX and latest VP beta since then so I guess it’s maybe a compatibility issue with those (but I could be wrong…)


    Try this .. open the table, go into the script and comment out (by placing a ‘ in front of each line, or remove this code entirely  in the _init portion near the top of the script..

    if UseUDMD Then ‘ wait for the intro video to finish
    do while UltraDMD.isRendering
    End if


    This pauses the table until the dmd is loaded – not sure if it causes the issue you are seeing or not.


    Hey Daryl, that’s fixed it for me – nice one!

    Great table btw, I’m a sucker for band tables and this one gets played daily along with Guns n Roses and Metallica! :)


    Yup  !!!   That did it for me too.   OUTSTANDING !!   Thanks so much… Love this table.



    Good solution for the Pinball X fix. I was having the same issue on my cab.

    Awesome Table!  My two older sisters are going to love this one when visiting at Christmas. Big Kiss fans!



    This looks like an awesome table but am getting script errors saying the KissRules.vbs needs an update and that it is unable to locate the songs I put in the music folder?….does anybody know how to fix this?..would be greatly appreciated… of my favorite bands and table looks awesome!  :)…would love to be able to play it….


    Hey there…ok….forgot to install the updated KissRules.vbs so this has now been fixed but table still saying it cannot load/find the music files?….any help much appreciated!  :D….


    I do have the files in the music folder and put them in again and still table cannot find the songs??…hmmm…help needed on this…


    You have them in c:\visual pinball\music\? No sub directory in there just the actual music files

    Messing with the VPinball app and push notifications.
    So if you haven't downloaded app yet what are you waiting for!?


    where can I get ultra dmd 1.3? the ultra dmd site version of 1.3 seems to be corrupt, is there somewhere else we can get it?



    Hi Randr, thank you so much for the response… yes, I put them in the existing music folder in the correct path indicated on my system… is the first error message that I get:

    BASS music/sound library cannot load C:\Program Files(x86)\Visual Pinball\Music\bgout_song-0x24.mp3

    …these errors will pop up for each of the songs….



    Hi Randr, I just went into VP9 and shifted through the juke box on the AC/DC table at start up and all is fine… really perplexed on this one…is there an update to this .vbs file anywhere do you know?….


    does anyone have this table working with the latest ultra dmd 1.4.16050500?

    I have Americas most haunted working fine but this one I cant get passed the line 1 error….all files for table have been unblocked so I’ve run out of things to try now? help…



    does anyone have this table working with the latest ultra dmd 1.4.16050500? I have Americas most haunted working fine but this one I cant get passed the line 1 error….all files for table have been unblocked so I’ve run out of things to try now? help…

    Thats the version I developed this on .. no likely an Ultradmd issue per se.


    It could mean you are missing some files. Did you have the UltraDMD images unzipped and placed into <vp>/Tables/KISS.UltraDMD directory?

    Do you have all the .vbs files that came in the 2 zip files? The 2nd zip file just contains one updated file that would overwrite the file from the first zip.

    Do you have the music files placed into <vp>/Music directory?

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