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    Hi, I found the answer on another site (it’s from chucky87 – minuzzu and arngrim told him)

    For all those who get the message “error Line 1” with UltraDMD 1.4
    Open the file KISSDMDV2.vbs with “blocnote”
    Find the two “DisplayScoreboard00” and remove “00” (you should read “DisplayScoreboard”)
    File and close
    It worked for me so it should work for you !
    I just have a question, do you know why UltraDMD 1.4 is less colored than 1.3 ? (for this table)

    And big thanks for this fantastic table, I was a Kiss fan when I was a young boy

    and I still listen to their albums, but only from the period before “creatures of the night”



    DisplayScoreboard00 is only in 1.4 – I think .. so it sounds like you dont have that version. When it starts it shows the version # in the corner .. can you just double check the version..


    Daryl, I have version 1.4 (16050500) and I have no more problem now

    This solution is only, I think, for people who got, like me, the “Line 1” error message

    Thanks again for this fantastic table


    Straight from UltraDMD’s website:

    • Table authors will appreciate the new scoreboard (not enabled by default).  Change DisplayScoreboard to DisplayScoreboard00

    What gives ???   :scratch:


    I don’t know, it just worked fine for me

    Don’t change anything if you don’t have the “Line 1” error message


    great work thanks


    This Table Rocks “Love It Loud”
    still at the top of my list tables I love playing.. Thanks Daryl for all your hard work and hours put into this. Can’t Thank you enough.
    Would like to know if any updates to this table in the works?


    This Table Rocks “Love It Loud” still at the top of my list tables I love playing.. Thanks Daryl for all your hard work and hours put into this. Can’t Thank you enough. Would like to know if any updates to this table in the works? Thanks

    Nothing in the works … on to other projects..


    so glad you got this done man… its great!!


    I love this table. And I am not even a KISS fan. :good:


    Thank you very much Guys for Kiss 2015. Fantastic  :good:


    ime running windows 7 and all is fine music graphics sounds dmd and backglass as far as I can tell but not wanting to sound like a complete noob but how do I make it fs instead of desktop view please :-(



    With table loaded into the Visual Pinball Editor, click the Backdrop and Options Tabs on left side of screen. (As seen in pic.)

    On right side of screen you should see a place where you can uncheck “Test Desktop”.


    Hope this helps you.


    Hi Guys,

    I’m having a similar problem as mentioned before in this thread.
    When starting this table, i am getting this error:

    BASS music/sound library cannot load C:\Visual Pinball\Music\bgout_song…

    I have checked if all files are unblocked, run as admin and set sound as primary in preferences. The strange thing is… there ar more UltraDMD tables on my cabinet. Some are working fine, but some having this “BASS music” error when starting.

    AMH=> works
    Champions League Season 17 => Music error
    Champions League Season 18 => Works
    Diablo => Works
    Stranger Things => Music error
    Mad Scientist => Music error
    Minions => Music error

    I’am running UltraDMD V1.3. When i tried to update to V1.4 i got an install error (using the full installer file).

    I’am stuck at this point.

    What are my options?


    I’m sure that you’ve validated that the files that it complains about is actually there ?

    I believe that you may find up to 3 different versions of bass.dll in your machine. 1 in pinballx, one in vpinball and one maybe even in vpinball\pinmame. Make sure they are the same and latest on all locations. ( rename the ones you change to or something instead of overwriting, easy to back that way if needed ).

    Reboot if that doesn’t help … once should be enough.


    Try the fix / replacement vpinball that is on this recent thread…


    I will try your tips asap en let you know if it worked.


    I replaced all bass.dll files (they where different) to the same one. Even updated to the most recent version, but that didn’t work (even after reboot).
    Then i tried Daryl’s link. I didn’t had the most recent VPX version so i hoped that did the trick. But the same error is stil there.

    btw is it an VPX or an UltraDMD issue?

    What are my best options from here?



    What happens if you rename you xdmd folder and us mine as a replacement ?

    Please note. xdmd and xdmd-native is replaced in this folder for use with freezy’ dmd-ext. If you don’t run that setup. You could just replace those files.


    Your replacement file didn’t do the trick, but is a good upgrade anyway because it’s the latest version, so   :good:

    Meanwhile i updated to pinMAME 3.0 and now i’m am having a new error on all Ultra DMD tables.
    And the BASS music/sound library cannot load…  error is not solved at this point.


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