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    Hey guys/gals,looking for some advice.


    Im planning to build a new Pinball Cab,i did one about 5 years ago rushed and hated it,so now looking into a brand new setup.

    After seeing a lot of videos and threads online with the Topper Vids/Backglass Movie animations etc this is now what i have in mind to attempt to build.

    My woodwork skills are fine and some good knowledge on Pc builds.

    So How many monitors are suggested for building a new up to date cab? 3 or 4?

    I will probably buy a  40 ” 4k UHD for Playfield (any suggestions) and the i will need to know the monitors needed to run the Topper vids and DMD. I will be running an LCD DMD so a TV/Monitor needed here and monitor needed for the backglass/topper vids.

    I want my cab to run what TerryRed has,but little confused on how many monitors he has in his cab (taking into consideration i need to run a LCD DMD.

    And size of monitors needed for the backglass/Topper/DMD? Would i be better buying 1 larger TV and using Vertical then splitting the image over the monitor?

    The Video of Terryreds Total Annihilation setup is what im pushing towards.


    Pc: So far,

    I7 4790k

    16 GB Ram

    GTX 1080

    Bose Speakers



    Thanks in advance


    Here is what I am using to build mine and is working fine. It’s still on the bench waiting on the cab. I believe that Terry has three screens with his DMD/Topper split with a bezel, at least that is what I recall him having. I have read so many build threads it’s hard to keep track of who has what where.

    Main – LG 43″ Class – 7 Series – 4K UHD LED LCD TV 43UM7300AUE
    Backglass – Samsung UN32J4000AF 4 Series – 32″
    DMD/Topper – Sceptre E165W-1600HC E 16″ Screen LED-Lit Monitor, True Black (E165W-1600HC)

    I had the 32″ backglass already so it was a no brainer to use it.


    Running a portrait monitor for the backbox is certainly doable, but it can cause complications for moving a cabinet, depending on the size. A full size cabinet would be harder to move, as those really need to have the head folded/removed for transport, and odds are good that the monitor is reaching down inside the main cabinet, which makes it tougher to remove the head unless there are other deviations from the standard cabinet design, like a backbox that bolts to the back instead of the neck of the main cabinet. The primary benefit of the portrait monitor is the ability to show an EM machine “as it would have existed”, versus having to deal with an off-ratio backglass display and a black void/logo panel where the DMD screen is.

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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