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    Updated the download, can you see if the ball still gets stuck? Should be good to go now.


    I must say. This table plays very well now – thank you !


    Thanks for the nice table! :good:


    thank very much,awesome job, the table found fine in processor intel i3,

    I had problems with the rom sound , but after a lot of insistence I managed to configure it correctly


    Beautiful job!  One thing though: when I “insert a coin” it puts up 3 credits instead of 1/3.  Any ideas of how to fix?


    Do you happen to have the switch assigned to 6 instead of 5? On my cab I have one at 5 and one at 6. 6 always adds multiple.


    Could be – where do I find that setting?


    In visual pinball, go to preferences<keys, nudge and DOF.  Check add credit 1&2 under button assignments and also check coin 3 and coin 4 under pinmame buttons. If that doesn’t solve it, possibly delete nvram and if all else fails, try re-downloading the rom.

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    Thanks Coindropper for the table and the tip to use that rom. I tried many and that one the audio works now!. Any chance theres a way to get the newer game rom versions to work or is that what the one you linked to is, just modified to work?

Viewing 9 posts - 21 through 29 (of 29 total)

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