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    Hey guys, I have recently got a whole new setup: cpu, gpu, ssd, pws, ram, mobo.  I am now able to run in 4K, and man what a difference.  If some of you guys havent made the switch yet I highly recommend.  But to my question.

    Somehow in the process of getting everything back up and running, I seem to have lost the graphics on my non DMD tables.  I have set the default dmd position in the regedit, b2s setup in the tables folder and dmd deviceini.  I have both boxes unchecked for dmd and external dmd.

    When I have a table running, when I alt+tab to see available screens i can see a blank form DMD tab.

    Here is the screenres and dmd_device ini for reference.

    Any help is appreciated, thanks Ryan



    ; how to downscale SEGA 192×64 pixel games to smaller displays: fit, fill or stretch
    resize = fit
    ; flips the image horizontally
    fliphorizontally = false
    ; flips the image vertically
    flipvertically = false
    ; enable or disable frame-by-frame colorization (inactive in VPX bundle)
    colorize = true

    ; a DMD that renders with nice dots on a computer monitor
    enabled = true
    ; virtual dmd stays on top of all other windows
    stayontop = false
    ; ignore the aspect ratio of the rendered dots when resizing
    ignorear = true
    ; use VPM’s registry values when positioning the virtual dmd
    useregistry = false
    ; x-axis of the window position
    left = 5764
    ; y-axis of the window position
    top = 4
    ; width of the dmd in monitor pixels
    width = 766
    ; height of the dmd in monitor pixels
    height = 230
    ; scale the dot size (set to 0.8 for same size as pre-1.6.0)
    dotsize = 0.8

    ; if false, doesn’t bother looking for a pinDMD1
    enabled = false

    ; if false, doesn’t bother looking for a pinDMD2
    enabled = false

    ; if false, doesn’t bother looking for a pinDMD3
    enabled = false
    ; COM port, e.g. COM3
    port =

    ; if false, doesn’t bother looking for a PIN2DMD
    enabled = false
    ; how long to wait in milliseconds after sending a palette
    delay = 25

    ; if false, doesn’t bother looking for a Pixelcade
    enabled = false
    ; COM port, e.g. COM3
    port =
    ; color matrix to use, either “rgb” or “rbg”
    matrix = rgb

    ; if enabled, stream to your DMD connected to another computer
    enabled = false
    url = ws://

    ; if enabled, stream to your browser in your LAN
    enabled = false
    port = 9090

    ; if enabled, stream DMD to
    enabled = false
    endpoint =

    ; if enabled, writes frames to an .avi file
    enabled = false
    ; path to folder or .avi file. if folder, gamename.avi is used.
    path =

    ; if enabled, send frames to PinUP.
    enabled = true

    enabled = false
    style = default

    style.default.skewangle = 12
    style.default.backgroundcolor = ff000000
    style.default.foreground.enabled = true
    style.default.foreground.color = fffbe6cb
    style.default.foreground.blur.enabled = true
    style.default.foreground.blur.x = 2
    style.default.foreground.blur.y = 2
    style.default.foreground.dilate.enabled = false

    style.default.innerglow.enabled = true
    style.default.innerglow.color = a0dd6a03
    style.default.innerglow.blur.enabled = true
    style.default.innerglow.blur.x = 15
    style.default.innerglow.blur.y = 13
    style.default.innerglow.dilate.enabled = true
    style.default.innerglow.dilate.x = 15
    style.default.innerglow.dilate.y = 10

    style.default.outerglow.enabled = true
    style.default.outerglow.color = 40b65829
    style.default.outerglow.blur.enabled = true
    style.default.outerglow.blur.x = 50
    style.default.outerglow.blur.y = 50
    style.default.outerglow.dilate.enabled = true
    style.default.outerglow.dilate.x = 90
    style.default.outerglow.dilate.y = 40

    style.default.background.enabled = true
    style.default.background.color = 20ffffff
    style.default.background.blur.enabled = true
    style.default.background.blur.x = 7
    style.default.background.blur.y = 7
    style.default.background.dilate.enabled = false



    Set 5764 to 0 and it should show up on the play field, Then work from there
    3 screen setup with Dot matrix locator file —

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    Ill give that a try shorty, but as I remember u put it in the same location as i did with the other locations correct?



    Alright I did some work, and got it going again.  I was adding my playfield and BG pixels to get my corrodent number instead of just using the BG number of 1920.  Alls good, Thanks agian

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