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    bonjour voila la table Michael jackson à partir de la table rock réalisé par Jpslas merci à lui pour l'autorisation le playfield entierment refait le backdrop pour les desktop ainsi que le backglass ajoute de bande son et bruitage voici le pack complet

    le pack contient

    media pour PBX visual pinball : la table et le backglass, la rom, le dossier music\triller à mettre dans le dossier music de visual pinball

    bouton magna change les musiques

    hello here is the Michael Jackson table from the rock table made by Jpslas thanks to him for the authorization

    the playfield completely remakes the backdrop for the desktop as well as the backglass adds soundtrack and sound effects here is the complete pack

    the pack contains

    media for PBX

    visual pinball: table and backglass, rom, music \ triller folder to put in the visual pinball music folder

    magna button changes the music


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    do i take the whole “thriller” n drop it in visual/music?

    or take out the thriller files and drop them in visual/music


    Thank you Marty!  You have created my wife’s new favorite table :yahoo:


    Michael Jackson (2020)

    Great table!!! Here is a wheel I made for pinup Popper in case any one needs one.

    thanks for this pretty killer table. You are the man!!!



    Table is fun. I did however have a “BASS music/sound library cannot load” error. It was due to an error in the naming of the tracks. The music tracks are all called “Michael Jackson – 01 – bad.mp3” etc. But in the script they are called “Thriller/Michael Jackson – 01 – bad.mp3”. So after adding the music files to vpinball music folder separately, not in the thriller folder. I went into the script and deleted the “Thriller/” in front of each track name. So now they match. Aslo there are two track ones so I renamed Wanna be starting something to track 2. Finally the rom music keep playing so I pressed F1 & unchecked use sound.


    Nice ! I really wonder, why MJ never had/got his own (real) Pinball from a Pin Company …

    Guns’n Roses, Rolling Stones, Metallica, Elvis, … but no Jackson !? Curious …

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    Nice ! I really wonder, why MJ never had/got his own (real) Pinball from a Pin Company …

    Guns’n Roses, Rolling Stones, Metallica, Elvis, … but no Jackson !? Curious …

    They made the Pepsi Chase Michael Jackson pinball machine in 1987

    3df006261d1297f324d21ebd8469ade438f39142 00-jacks0100-jacks02

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    thank you for your compliment I know that the table is not perfect but I am a beginner so I try to progress thank you in addition I am French and the software in English that I do not master as a good evening

    thank google translate

    merci pour vos compliment je sais que la table pas parfaite mais je suis debutant alors j’essaie des progressés merci en plus je suis francais et le logiciel en anglais que je ne maitrise pas comme un pro bonne soirée



    Merci pour cette table Marty

    Yipikae !!


    Salut Marty, merci pour la table. Elle est superbe. Cependant sur mon pincab les boutons ne sont pas reconnu dans le bon ordre. C’est la seule table qui a ce soucis. Aurais je pu louper un truc en installant la table ? Je précise que c’est la première fois que j’installe moi même une table qui a besoin d’une ROM. Cordialement.

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    bonjour Marvailh je crois que ton probleme vient de VPX la table ne gere pas les boutons vois dans ta config visual pinball



    The non-Michael Jackson music from the ROM plays simultaneously. How do you turn this off?


    Really awesome table! thanks for all your hard work! :good:

    Health is Wealth:Knowledge is Power

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    Chase, how ironic.   Was he chasing little boys around the pinball game

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