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    Very long time lurker here. Some years ago I toyed with the idea of making a vpin table, I researched all about solenoids and contactors etc. This was back when it was mostly about Future Pinball and BAM had just started experimenting with head tracking. I put the hardware together, using a PS Move cameras and a hat with a battery pack and IR LED’s sewn into the brim. It all worked fine. But for some reason, I didn’t go through with the build.

    Roll forward a few years, and now I have a few arcade machine builds under my belt. A chance happening meant I bagged a set of hardware, pc, some screens, other bits and pieces, that I realised would make a nice 1080p pinball table. So off I went.

    I should quickly roll back to the start of this year. Back here in the UK, when lockdown started in March, I decided to build my young great-nephews a bartop on the cheap. I documented that build on a blog which was fun, I also shared quite a lot of the process on twitter, which was great with a lot of interest. When that was finished my neighbour asked if I would build him a bartop too, and I agreed. This time I decided to video the build and put that up on YouTube. That also went really well and I got a lot of really kind feedback.

    Now I’m building something for me! And it’s all going on YouTube. There are currently two episodes mostly covering the woodwork of the cabinet. I will warn anyone thinking of watching – these are not tutorials or guides, I am doing this purely to record the journey and allow others to follow along. I make mistakes and they all go in there too, some call them a feature…

    I’m aiming to try to put out an episode each week if I can manage it, but we will see if that pans out!

    Episode 1 is here

    Episode One

    And 2

    Episode Two

    I will add more when they get released :)

    All things ZZleeZZ

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