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    I am really getting excited about a virtual pinball table, but I’m wanting to be picky about my electronics, but not have to build it from scratch, and therefore having trouble finding what I’m looking for.  I would like advice if this is an appropriate place to ask, and if not maybe kindly direct me to a better forum:


    • 120 Hz play field, this is the only choice I know of: 43″ Asus ROG Strix XG438Q
    • Digital Plunger / Nudge sensor, looking at this: Zebsboards V3 Plunger
    • No interest in a coin door
    • A decent number of buttons
    • As close to plug and play as possible: Little to no cutting of wood, painting, and designing
    • Reasonable price (yeah I know my screen and computer will be expensive regardless)

    I currently play on a 144Hz gaming computer, so I really don’t want to go back to 60 Hz which has dramatically limited my options to one screen that I am aware of.  However, all the mostly finished out cabinets minus computer/screens I can find seem to be for a 40″ screen:

    The monitor above is 22.46″ x 38.36″

    That is all I have found so far that is not just patterns or pre-cut wood that I’d still have to figure out how to get my screens in, paint, etc.

    I also haven’t decided on the back board. I might go for a real DMD, but I like the idea of a small monitor that can be more versatile. I’m leaning towards a 32″ top screen and whatever will fit below it small computer monitor kind of like TerryRed’s latest version:

    I have thought about buying a fully functional table, but those have too many drawbacks:

    • Too expensive
    • Don’t get to choose my computer or screen hardware
    • Don’t want/need games pre-loaded

    I have very low skills/interest in woodworking/design, medium skills in electronics, and high skills in building/configuring computers and software.  So my ideal would be a pre-built cabinet that can take up to a 43″ play-field with plunger and buttons and wiring, so all I need is to drop in screens and a computer.  I know… too much to ask. :unsure:


    Hi Mega,


    I’m at a similar point. I also want a 4K 120Hz+ screen. Asus has a new model (PG43UQ) with higher brightness. I now have an IIYAMA X4372UHSU as a test setup which is IPS and looks damn good. And because of IPS the viewing angles are great. I’m a bit hesitant on shelling out 1500€ for the Asus since it’s a VA panel. I’d really like to see it first with the angles that we are going to place it in.


    Did you buy one of the Asus screens yet?

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