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    @badazzwi thanks, I’m an idiot.  I was sure I tried 8 and 9 but apparently not.




    @32assassin   Thanks for the update
    Same here —  A contact remains on as soon as the table is launched
    I change it to DOFPulse

    Sub UpdateGI(no, Enabled)
    If Enabled Then
    dim xx
    For each xx in GI:xx.State = 1: Next
    PlaySound "fx_relay"
    DOF 101, DOFPulse
    Else For each xx in GI:xx.State = 0: Next
    PlaySound "fx_relay"
    DOF 101, DOFPulse
    End If
    End Sub

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    this table is using a flipper to open and close the center ramp door

    the flipper remains open for an extended period of time,  (aka your solenoid will be on for an extended period of time)

    if you don’t tell me what solenoid(s)  remain open I can’t make any changes to the code.

    see a table you like help me find the resources so that I can finish it


    My playfield has the “monopoly” properties move down when lit.  Not sure if its something with my settings, but its kinda obvious when you watch it in attract mode.  Its neat, but I don’t think you want that.


    Does this table have sounds other than table sounds? It’s probably just me, but I’m only getting table sounds. Not having the issue on other tables. I tried a few different rooms but nothing changed.


    I can’t get any music to play either. Tables sounds play fine. I saw the solution provided and I moved the volume all the way up using the 8 and 9 keys. Also went in to the in game service menu and adjusted the music from 1 to 15. I also downloaded the roms from multiple sources and tried replacing and still nothing.

    Tried various settings in the VPX audio options and still nothing.

    I also tried following the solution for the link below to update the table script but I had no idea where to locate this within the script. Music works for Terminator 2 and I have all the same settings as well. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    I figured it out. Apparently setting the volume from 1 to 15 gradually lowers the music volume. Setting it at 1 is the highest volume level. I guess that is going to have to work but I would prefer it a bit higher


    Trying to adjust volume.  I can see others have brought this up.  So….”END9″ works as Vol-, however “End8” just adds coins.  The tables background level is extremely low.  In the script, I found that the Table Init volume has little effect or makes it lower.  Thanks in advance for suggestions.  I LOVE this table!

Viewing 7 posts - 81 through 87 (of 87 total)
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