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    Monster Bash was like the first quality table that always stands out in my memory in the early days of VPX.

    I’ve got a method of dealing with 3D scans so it should be pretty easy to get the models looking nice and optimised for game engine.



    Awesome… already a great table.


    in the early days of VPX.

    This cracks me up everytime I read it. Like it was a long time ago. Granted dark is helping with so many tables that it probably does feel like a long time ago. :yes:


    Tried this and have one issue. It displays FormDMD window (which is blank) on top of the “Monster Bash (1.06)” DMD window.

    It appears two DMD windows are showing but it is hiding the one that actually has VPM running.

    Any idea how to stop FormDMD from showing?

    [Update: Figured it out. B2S DMD was show up over the top of the VPM DMD. Right click backglass and turned off B2S DMD]

Viewing 4 posts - 181 through 184 (of 184 total)

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