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    Why a Motörhead table ? Because it's the best rock 'n' roll band in the world !

    All the 30 songs you will listen to while playing this table, except "Motörhead", are from the three albums "Overkill", "Bomber" and "Ace of Spades",

    with Lemmy Kilmister (1945 - 2015), Fast Eddie Clarke (1951 - 2018) and Philthy Animal Taylor (1954 - 2015)

    Extract mp3 files from "Motorhead_Music" to your VPinball / Music folder

    I also added four B2S Backglasses to the download

    As you can change the color of flashers and GI lights, I did four files, a GREEN, a BLACK & WHITE, a BLUE and a RED

    As I used table Blackout (Williams) to make this one, you need to use the ROM "blkou_l1"

    You can find the rules with the table file, and also in Table / Table Info

    Special thanks to:

    32assassin for his permission to use his table "Blackout" as a starting point, and his help for the script when I started to work on this table

    Flupper1 for his flashers template and his help, he raised this table standards to a much higher level ! Here is what he did: - Flasher domes with prerendered additional flashing effect on the playfield - flashers in the shooter lane with a dimmed looping light effect when the ball is waiting in the shooterlane - script option to change the color of all flashers and GI lights - shadow layer on the playfield - FS Settings

    Thalamus for his help, advice, and his 7.1 sound

    Xenonph for his help and advice (b2s, rom sounds... )

    Wizball for telling me how to make a new song start when the one before is finished and the ball didn't yet went to drain

    R_DuB, for his permission to use his b2s backglass "Blackout" as a starting point

    Herweh & B2S Team Production for their B2S Backglass Server and B2S Backglass Designer

    And thanks also to many others like Kiwi, Fuzzel... for their availability and help (sure I forgot some of you !)

    And, of course, enormous thanks to VPX and VPinMAME developers !

    Sript options:

    If you want to change the color of all flashers and GI lights, it's from line 5 to line 9 in the script (just uncomment the line with the color you like, but you can also add your own ones)

    If you want to change sounds volumes, it's from lines 25 to 36 in the script . (WARNING ! Bumpers value never more than 1, it could make your speakers worse)

    You also can change Right Slingshot volume (line 797) & Left Slingshot volume (line 815), default value is 5

    For Desktop users, the default backdrop is GREEN, but in "Table / Image Manager" you'll find a BLACK & WHITE, a BLUE, and a RED ones

    Hope Motörhead and Rock 'N' Roll fans will like this table, and perhaps those who didn't know this band and don't listen to this kind of music too !

    Lemmy said, "We are Motörhead and we play Rock 'N' Roll"

    So, let there be Sound... Lights... Drums... Guitar... Bass Guitar... Let there be MOTÖRHEAD...

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    Cool looking table I have not tried yet but will this weekend.  :good:

    Currently playing around with FP to VP conversions. Nothing serious just trying to have fun.

     Ben Logan2 

    Awesome tribute!


    Thanks for them !

    Sorry, but I’m afraid I don’t know what’s a POP signature, something for cab users ?

    I’m a poor desktop user :)


    It’s just my signature ignore it. I should change it! Thanks for reminding me

    Currently playing around with FP to VP conversions. Nothing serious just trying to have fun.


    Can’t stop playing it. :good:   :good:   :good:

    Strange, although I’m not a typical Metal or Motörhead fan I totally dig this table.

    P.S.: Working on a new BG for the “golden lights” at the moment.

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    Great, I attained my end !

    It’s normal, Motörhead is not a metal, but a rock ‘n’ roll band

    And songs from these three albums, Overkill, Bomber (less), and Ace of Spades are really fantastic

    The most important is not what the table is about, but if the gaming and the atmosphere are fun


    Thanks man! Rock and roll :). I love the atmosphere and the whole color setting of the table. Thanks for bringing us this table batch!

    Time to bump up the volume and try to set a new highscore… B-)


    I’m kind of stopped with pinball. The motherboard of my cabin has broken, but I love Motorhead :yahoo:   and now i have an additional motivation to solve soon, ha ha ha.

    Thanks for sharing.



    This is really excellent and a pinball that I was really happy to see made, because the only way to feel the noise is when it’s good and loud!!!!!

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