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    Hi all,

    Just started building my first cabinet 3 days ago. Looking forward to reading your posts on the forum and getting ideas  For now I’m building it with buttons and a screen I have spare.

    My build is a 2 screen cabinet running VPX and pinballx as the frontend.

    I’m very new to all this, script  multiple screens, etc.

    I’ve already picked up a bit. The basic is running about ten tables but I have some problems with the Dmd showing on the backscreen that has a dmd already included and looks better. (like in the picture)

    Also I would like to understand how to move it to the bottom center and stay there.

    Last bit when table loads up all the programs running like ‘virtual pinball’ shows up on the back screen I would like to not see as it takes you out of the experience .

    I know I’m asking a lot but any help or tips I very welcome. 20190203_154600



    Thanks in advance…


    I was in your shoes a month ago. Right click on the dmd select show borders, resize to your liking and then move the dmd to where you want it and then right click the dmd then select show borders. It ahould stay in place.


    Thank you both so much it has worked perfectly for star trek.. Your life savers.. Now just to work out why star trek table sound is lower than the others…


    Cheers again. I’m loving doing this already have 2 friend that want one..


    It is because these tables use real roms and the rom volume is probably not set the same as the others. All depending on what type of machine (rom) it is, there is different ways of adjusting the volume. Just like the real machines. You find more information about adjusting in the main menu over at vpf.

    I know. Much to learn :) Part of the fun. At some point you should also download pinvol – makes it easier to adjust the other sounds.

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    Cheers mate look at that when I finish work..


    As someone who is just wrapping up a cabinet build, I would highly recommend leaving room for a possible 3rd monitor for dmd.  When I started my project I thought I’d mainly be playing some of my old SS favorites like Fathom and 8blldlx, so I didn’t bother…..but then I started playing more and more of the dmd games and realized I needed a separate monitor.  Fortunately I had just the right amount of space below my BG tv to fit one in with minimal surgery.  But it still meant not being able to play for a couple of days!

    Oh…my pc isn’t the greatest – older i5 Lenovo, but I was able to add a $16 pci video card to handle just the dmd.  So far, so good.

    Good luck!  Amazing hobby and even more amazing contributors!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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