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    I am gonna show my pincab (will b more updates :cry: early)

    So i showed my microcontrollers, but i´m gonna focus on connection. my electronics knowledge it´s near tarzan level,sometimes, and i want to share this knowledge before my arduino fire up ( life´s hard B-) )

    Now i use buk 9575 mosfets but bd 243c transistors works for me the same.

    5 volts RGB ledstrips (3528 and 5050)


    Next chapter, high power full spectrum leds.


    So let´s talk about conexions and what i know.

    this leds consums 20 ma per led, in rgb could be up to 60 ma, so one metre (60 leds)consum 3,6 amperes.if we know ohm´s law


    so in one metre we got 18 wats , leds on at 5 volts.

    No problem feeding from arduino mega 2560 (ledwiz device) but i don´t know how many amperes we can connect on one ledwiz port ¿anybody could help me?


    Ok, we can feed from an atx power source  :yes: so this it´s the diagram for five volts


    or maybe we got 12 volts leds, so this it´s the diagram for you :good:


    easy picxie,dixie :wacko:

    to be continue :yes:


    Hi! sometimes it´s sad, but yep i come back!

    Before we talk about connexions and led types etc etc i want to present another powerful weapon for get led controller,joystick,plunger etc

    Th frdm-kl25z board with pinscape software.

    It´s the same that mega 2560 converted to ledwiz, you got led controller (ledwiz)joystick controller,etc but got little differences.

    If you want to learn it´s better kl25z, but mega2560 it´s a very good companion, i recommend both (kl25z it´s expensive but easiest than arduino mega.

    These days i´ve been learning things abouth this board.

    For the plunger i never imagine will be so easy.

    Grab a joystick and two or three pushbuttons docks, grab a slide potentiometer (two euros on aliexpress) and look after how to assembly, magstick works perfect for me.

    Configuration and connexion it´s something easy with pinscape:


    For the plunger pin assignment you can change it easily on pinscape, i use ptb 0.

    for power the plunger you can choose pin 8 or pin 4 (p3v3 pins). I use pin4.

    for ground you can choose whatever three ground pins there are on kl25z. I use j2/pin 14.


    A very important thing to know about kl25z it´s tlc5940 chips.

    These chips allow us to multiply pwm output ports on kl25z ledwiz 16x.

    So..connecting one pwm output port and five more ports from kl25z to a tlc5940 chip you can multiply 16x your pwm output ports.

    And if you connect on daisy chain this chips you can multiply it even more!!

    Connecting this chips to kl25z it´s something easy:


    focus on kl25z, but you can change these pins assignment on pinscape..


    focus on tlc5940 chip


    :wacko: :wacko:   :wacko:   :wacko:

    Daisy chain




    Really great info  :good:

    Messing with the VPinball app and push notifications.
    So if you haven't downloaded app yet what are you waiting for!?
    for IOS and Android



    i posted this info for me too!! :wacko:   :wacko:

    there´s a lot of things i really don´t have idea yet, but let´s work on what i got now :yes:

    i don´t forget my next chapter, high watts leds  :good:

    see you!! :good:   :yahoo:

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