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    why is my t arc bar distorted?

    it’s also showing up on the bottom of the backglass on the left side. i did everything step by step i used the exact settings in (4) Wheel ARC settings HD – Landscape.jpeg

    custpos: 3,71.875,0,28.125,100

    installed 1553209815_T-ARC-Theme-Option-2-PF-Landscape-HD

    for hd 1080p




    make sure none of your displays in popper are set to rotate by default (configdisplays.)

    if they’re all good, then just need to triple check all images/settings… as everyone with similar problems just seems to miss a setting or two.  All the theme zips are good and used by all….

    btw;  landscape means that when looking at your cab the windows start button is at the top-left of playfield screen.

    also you must be using 1920 x 1080… any other resolution will not work with that theme.


    I’ve triple checked everything. from what i can gather the custpos: 3,71.875,0,28.125,100 these are the wrong values.


    ok i got it working i used the default pup toolbar instead of dragging to the wheelbar in the media manager like the setup told me to. but now the damn popper wheels are too low…



    Adjust margin in pixels



    yep it’s all good now.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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