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    Hello pincab fellows

    I’m a french guy, and i’ve made some electronic cards to use on Pincab.

    Not the pinscape board, but an evolutive kind of…

    I’ve translate about 80% of my website so you may read and understand about 50% of it (i’m french, so i speak english like a little boy….)

    I’ve made KL25Z shield, then Mosfet Board, TLC+MOSFET board, Fuse board, and also some stuff for ws2812Led and backbord, driving with Wemos…

    With my solution, you can start your build with only one KL shield to connect buttons, then adding just one mosfet board giving you 8 outputs for LED Buttons, then another mosfet board so you can drive some solenoids, and after you can add any PWM output you want, connecting some of my extension giving you 16 PWM MOSFET output each, and they are chainable…. Every output have Fuse Holder and  can handdle 8 amps, on mosfet board you can handdle 20 amps simultaneously and on extension it’s 40 Amps)


    If you have any interest on it, you can chack my Website :

    I have an explanation link :

    and the evolutive way one :

    Fell free to contact me…
    (And sorry for my bad english, but you know, i’m just a tiny froggy…)

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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