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    Been lurking awhile thought id register. Howdy from ohio. I built a scrounged low budget table. Running vp9, pc is nothing special.


    Seen you around. So, any pics ?


    Welcome!  Thanks for taking the leap and posting.

    VP9 is great.  VPX is a ton better.  When you’re ready to upgrade, there are lots of folks that can help guide you  through it.  And it doesn’t have to cost a lot to do it!

    I love my cab (I actually have two, a full size and a mini) and I’m grateful to everyone in the community that’s helped along the way. Especially @randr.


    Current Project: Perpetual updates of Pinball Magic




    I can’t seem to post from the app even though I’m logged in.  Test of edit from app :mail:   nm got it worked out


    If your in app you need to also log into forums from a link under each post saying you need to log in to like

    Messing with the VPinball app and push notifications.
    So if you haven't downloaded app yet what are you waiting for!?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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