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    Hi all,

    Just about to purchase my first virtual machine, and would like some basic advice. I worked in IT for many years and know I can get my head around things, but I have researched a little, but found it hard to find advice that starts at the beginning, so hoping this is a better way for me.

    I played on the machine I want to buy, I have previously played pinball arcade on PC, I found the machine to be a little flat graphic wise compared to the PC, and also a miniscule delay on the flipper. Do others find this, or am I just dealing with a low spec/cheapskate machine?
    I presume this is something to do with graphic card quality, or this BAM enabling I have read about on this forum? If so, is there a certain spec required to have BAM? It seems difficult to install, or does it just seem scary to start with?
    Here is the spec of the machine I am buying, maybe some of you can let me know what kind of level I’m looking at here.
    It’s in french, but I think it’s understandable…

    TIA for your thoughts.

    – Ecran 40 pouces playfield
    – Ecran 24 pouces Backglass
    – Ecran 17 pouces DMD
    – Carte mËre Asus B450-plus gaming ( ou Èquivalent )
    – Processeur AMD Ryzen 3 3200g 3.6GHZ
    – Ram 2 x 8 GO ddr4 RipJaws 5 ( ou Èquivalent )
    – Carte Graphique MSI Radeon RX 570 Armor 8 GO ( ou Èquivalent )
    – SSD LDLC 120GO
    – Alimentation Aerocool LUX 550W
    – Caisse en MDF 15mm
    – Verre 4mm
    – Pieds Corniere 30×30 mm


    To me at first glance – it looks to be a future pinball question. @terryred would know. If it is a vpx question. Then you’re gpu is ok for resolutions under 4k. It is probably tunable.


    There is a version of BAM for Pinball Arcade and VPVR…. but this is strictly for a minimal headtracking view…. not the same as BAM on FP (which is for much more than head tracking).

    I’ve never used BAM for Pinball Arcade, or the Acooda version which has its own version of head tracking…. so I can’t really comment. I haven’t touched Pinball Arcade for years.


    Thanks Terryred,

    to explain better, with the pinball arcade on PC, I played attack from mars, which I also played on the virtual machine, therefore I was comparing the graphics of the two of them.

    On pc, the central spaceship is very 3d, whereas on the virtual machine it seemed very flat.

    I’m trying to work out if that is the way of things, or if the machine I am buying is not good enough display wise.


    The Loafer

    The tv/monitor and pc hardware specs have a huge impact on any perceived lag.  Personally I say wait a bit longer, save up a few hundred more and get a decent 4K TV/monitor that has been known to provide less lag with the pinball sims.  Beef up the GPU too (nvidia users seem to have less headaches then FP AMD users)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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