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    OK, so reading over the last few months everywhere I can! I’m an old grandpa grew up in electronics over the last 50 yrs and now accumulating everything to build a virtual machine for the grandkids we’re raising, the 7 yr old w/autism who LOVED the old Adams Family machine I HAD down in the basement, till I sold it early this year after worrying sitting unused by the older grandkids. Now I’ve got an old flipperless cabinet to rob parts off of, got a new 4K 43″ for the playfield, a new 32″ for the backbox, Zeb’s plunger kit, buttons kit, a new i7 computer w/good video card, lot of other new parts in. Where should I start, 1. build my cabinet first to fit my screens? 2. Assemble the computer to load all the s/w and connect to the screens to get it all working before assembly into a cab? I have multiple old lcd smaller monitors laying around was thinking of a 3rd monitor to use as dmd, would this make the backbox out of proportion in size in combination w/the 32″ in the backbox? Thinking now,,,,

    OLD Grandpa!


    I would start with the software first. Get it to work, you may down the line then decide what kind of dmd you want, if you want toppers etc. Many options and if you build the cab first, then you might be a bit stuck with lesser options. What you should get is leaf buttons and a mechanical tilt bob ;) – And, coming from me, SSF (5.1 audio).

    Look at BorgDog’s build – that might give you new ideas for the backbox. I would go that route if I where to do it all over again.

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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