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    I have all the well known front ends installed and All working including Pinballx, Hyperpin, Popper and now Pinbally! I think i like messing with new stuff more then actually using it sad to say :)

    Anyways its a great front end option as is Popper, Hyperpin or even Pinballx but Popper and PBY are top of the list for sure!

    Thanks goes to Mjr for all his work in the VP community

    Edit: RANDR I posted from the wifes PC! LMAO! and i will say it didnt log her out after 14 days! obviously  :wacko:



    Hear Hear! I’ve been using PinballY since the beginning. Really matches my interest in a front end with simplicity and very little need for troubleshooting.

    Lots of other good stuff out there but PinballY is my go to.

    For reference:


    I wanted to love PinballY but it messed with my media too much  Either by not displaying wheel artwork, changing the name of the tables to weird symbols etc, so I have up on it. Find Pinballx to be simple and pain free.


    Thats what makes it so nice we all can use whatever one we like or in my case i test them all. I do have seperate media for Popper but pbx and pby share it :good:

    Messing with the VPinball app and push notifications.
    So if you haven't downloaded app yet what are you waiting for!?


    I absolutely love PinballY.  It’s still in beta, but it really nails the basics.  A few things I really appreciate:

    • One program for system setup, table setup, and frontend.
    • Awesome media capture functionality.  Super easy to capture images or video from any screen all within the front end.
    • Super easy to setup new tables.
    • High scores for vpinmame tables on the dmd.
    • Wheels and info can be hidden after a pre-specified amount of time so it looks like the table is already loaded.
    • Super fast and smooth.
    • Super easy to convert from PinballX.  Shares database and media.
    • I really like how it highlights the table wheel during table load.

    It is still in beta, so you may find some minor issues.  But I really don’t think there are any show stoppers for a standard pin cab setup at this point.

    Current Project: Perpetual updates of VPX physics.


    I have been using PinballY from the start of my virtual build. I love the simplicity of it and it does everything I need it to.

    Hi my name is Barry and I'm a virtual pinball addict.

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